Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't go on the look out of a whim. Aye, she said.

Was particularly down in the dumps this evening after spending the last week excavating all of my materialistic bullshit out of this apartment and into the hands of others or in free piles near my doorstep.... a lot of introspection, sadness, even a bit of rage (which my tongue and my fingertips get slippery and I have to TRY to get myself to calm down... but it turns to sadness and crying.) Being awash and a muck in feelings just doesn't make anything easier. Luckily enough, a friend I recently got the honor of meeting just came over with a bon voyage two cd mix set made personally - he even made me fill out a bit of a musical questionnaire to get a mix closest to the genres I adore previous to the presentation of it tonight... already his presence and present put a big smile on my face and I am going to make it these last days... no matter how difficult they may be.

Edit: Apparently THIS is my personality type?

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