Thursday, September 8, 2011

living in a loveless labyrinth.

Hey America, look how 'super posi' our twenty-something generation is... or at least, our attempts to be.

KD: all i wish at this point is that I could find the love of my life, move in together, pool all the money we make together, even if it is just menial jobs, whatever we can manage... and live equally and happily.

MJ: good luck. I'm never gonna have that. I give up.

KD: Give up what?

MJ: looking for that. looking for a partner. I don't even assume it anymore.
I don't look at someone I'm dating at all in terms of a lifelong relationship. I'm just with someone until I'm not.

KD: I try to remain confident that it's out there. I don't agree with our generation and it's 'this person this day' and 'that person the next.' I need to know there is still old-fashioned trust, love, and admiration.

MJ: I wish you best of luck.

KD: I hope you find something wonderful as well. Maybe it's just not meant to happen yet?

MJ: When then?

KD: I know... I know...

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