Sunday, January 27, 2013


"June 12, 2030 started out like any other day in memory—and by then, memories were long. Since cancer had been cured fifteen years before, America's population was aging rapidly. That sounds like good news, but consider this: millions of baby boomers, with a big natural predator picked off, were sucking dry benefits and resources that were never meant to hold them into their eighties and beyond. Young people around the country simmered with resentment toward "the olds" and anger at the treadmill they could never get off of just to maintain their parents' entitlement programs.
But on that June 12th, everything changed: a massive earthquake devastated Los Angeles, and the government, always teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, was unable to respond.
The fallout from the earthquake sets in motion a sweeping novel of ideas that pits national hope for the future against assurances from the past and is peopled by a memorable cast of refugees and billionaires, presidents and revolutionaries, all struggling to find their way. In 2030, Albert Brooks' all-too-believable, dystopian imagining of where today's challenges could lead us tomorrow makes gripping and thought-provoking reading." (from

(that's apparently what's in store for me in this book, must... order... now...) 
[edit: totally ordered it.]

September 1969

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hermit update

wishing I could just take whatever supplies necessary [and things for gardening] and have the opportunity to go inhabit a cabin in an unadulterated forest somewhere with internet, for a while... to just be given the chance to create; to awaken everyday with natural blissful happiness would surely lead to great things. could honestly say I wouldn't mind being completely alone at this point. hopefully someday, this could happen, but until then, I'll try not to give my hopes up. thanks to all who hear me out. pz. ♥

Sunday, January 20, 2013




this is from the blooper reel of my friend and I's adventure/social experiment in St. Petersburg, Florida. obviously this bridge didn't stand a chance. OBV.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Drunk on new beers i've never tried before. From exquisite places with really kind bartenders named Andy...

Dressing pretty to make myself feel more positive. Going beer hunting in Tampa with my pal Zach. now if my stiff neck (result of upset tension) can get with the program, this is shaping up to be a considerably wonderful day, considering.

put yo'self on the shelve, 2012.

13 was always my lucky number, and so far, nothin' but luck. happy 2013 to everyone, may it bring luck to us all after a long year of stupid. common sense, accountability, morality, justice, happiness, kindness, being happy with nothing: get into it. stay tough, brussel sprouts.
Salut, 2013. I already love thee.