Sunday, December 15, 2013


oh-muh-godiez, hullo blergh! I'z been livin' back up in the northern region for almost two and a half months, and while it's good to be back, it certainly has not been easy. ghetto superstar modern day suffragette really isn't as cool as it sounds, but I've always had some sorta knack for making due with menial amounts of moolah (it buildeth character) no matter where I crop up (every few years or so.) while the general public of downtown new haven is a little, shall we say, 'too much to handle' sometimes, the friends (new and old) that I've surrounded myself/confided in up here might very well be the best support system cultivated in quite some time, as most who know me have watched me battle all the demons/hazy cloudiness that has been my life since '08-'09. fortunately enough after a recent pain-ful/filled event, Karyn has (finally, took ya long enough) gained an actual, legit perspective on winning back her happiness and confidence, and here's a GIANT element that has been finally laid to rest: ditching the whole 'looking for love' thing. Wasting time on finding happiness and contentment through a guy/relationship is the last thing necessary right now; having one close guy and girl friend, a puggle, and my cat -- is currently what keeps me anchored.'s cold as shit & am currently in the midst of the first snowstorm experience since winter three years ago, but slowly and surely (by the way, Shirley, they're remaking Naked Gun. Sending you my sincerest apologies, Mr. Nielsen...) crawling my way back to the saner individual I know I've been before, and can be again.

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