Monday, October 31, 2011


After the copious amount of sleep obtained through going to bed super early last night, I am very thrilled to say, my leg officially feels well enough to get back to work!!! I called a bunch of restaurants I had previously applied to today... it's either:
a. I get one of those waitressing gigs mentioned
b. macys call center interview wednesday
c. find a smaller business venture in Dunedin to work for (all the restaurants in category A are bigger chains, and I'm really anti-corporate and would rather work for someone who needs the help)

My friend from college, Jessica, lives a town OVER from me... we finally hung out last week and have already gotten together a couple times. It has made me feel exponentially better about everything... so great to have a close friend. She really wants to help me get me back on my feet, has been scouting out cheap rents around Dunedin - meeting her boyfriend and roommate was pretty awesome, they all want to open a pizza/pastry shop (because those two things in Florida are MUY TERRIBLE, or non-existent) so I naturally, offered my waitressing expertise.

Going through constant realizations lately... one being, I truly enjoyed waitressing and serving... was just unfortunate to be suffering from leg pain and exhaustion. Now I'm ready and rearing to go - it's time to rev my 'Hot Wheels' engine (spent all day yesterday reminiscing 2004 - which was Patrice, me, my car, and the three neighboring states as our playground, all of our debauchery and diabolically fantastic adventures.)

I think it's impossible for me to figure out a career. I just like stumbling onto things as I go. Is that really so bad?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

new plans are hatchin'

my momma got me two new presents on the cruise! <3

going to give out candy tomorrow night for all the lil' chitlins!

whatta cute lil' ditty.

iron and wine

Have had such a zest for life right now I haven't been sleeping, I'm healed enough for moderate movement. Simba and I are old geezers when we're walking... but he's so majestic little kids come up and meet him, and then they run away grossed out from the bag of poop being carried in my hand. 14 x 7 = Simba is 98 in dog years! He's silly though, I was letting him inside after hanging outside on the porch drawing, he got so rambunctious he tried to blast through the glass door without thinking... he definitely enjoyed his Sunday shuffle, as rebellious as he is. He glances at rules like, 'oh fuck you. I was rejected by a family after 10 years of training me to replace me with a puppy. Those bastards! You're a gimp though, I'll comply.'

My leg propped on the couch is so perfect right now, random songs on the shuffle. theme of the moment: everyday i'm shufflin'

Garfield wants that silly Odie to come lick her on the side of the face all drooly like.

Goofing off on Chatroulette is probably one of my new favorite things. Getting to be a goofy ass mofo and making people smile... and saying hello good Sundays to people all over the world!

My heart is beating finally. I forgot it was there for a while.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

peaceful easy feeling

My mother and her hubby left for a weeklong 
cruise yesterday early morning, 
so I had a nice evening;
got to videochat with Odie, 
which made me all like this:
Then after a wonderful sleep in, 
decided to make a loaded omelette 
listening to Nico's Chelsea Girl album, 
and ate it on the lovely screened in backporch:
And I made miscellaneous recordings of the wind blowing, birds chirping, and other random sounds while the album was playing, which I'm posting different versions of here:
listening to the blues bros!
 which would be a brilliant halloween duo idea.
(not that i'm doing anything anyways.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Fermented --- I mean, Friday!

Who doesn't love some YES?

Got a set schedule for the new job - and get Sunday and Mondays off (the new weekend.) However, still going to my interview at the media production company today... so we'll see if that's more appealing. Even if they don't end up hiring me, maybe I can convince them to let me brush up on my radio and video equipment user knowledge whenever there's free time. Speaking of hobbies, I need to convince my mother to find an art store around here, unless one can be found somewhere on my bus journeys. Starting to kick myself for a bit for having given away so many things of use; gave away my entire box of art supplies I had accumulated over the course of six years. Hopefully it's getting some use, that's all one can hope.

Contemplating saving up and going out West for a while, maybe Arizona... methinks my Georgia O'Keeffe complex is kicking in. Have a bit of a new acquaintance who is out there (friend of a good friend from college; they grew up together) so a) wouldn't be alone, b) could be some good company to him, he just moved out there by his lonesome... and while this whole lonesome thing isn't terrible (actually and honestly, I love it) it would be nice to have a likeminded individual around. He's super artsy Picasso/Dali awesome, and I'm sure we could make some interesting pieces.

yay fun old picture from 2006!


gummy bear chandelier 

and yet another crazy gummy light fixture.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

deadbeats & playboys? no thanks.

'When Gloria Steinem said, in the 1970s, "We’re becoming the men we wanted to marry," I doubt even she realized the prescience of her words.'

(especially those tired of this)

murmur of agreement

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

this coppa only pepper sprays naked food items

on second thought, please don't. 

bagged an 11 dolla-an-hour jorb today (start on Monday)
and an interview at media production company on friday

will have the house to myself for a week soon!
steve coogan, will you come visit me?

(what woman wouldn't want this in her bed)

"Groucho Marx once said that the trouble of writing a book about yourself is you can't fool around. Why not? People fool around with themselves all the time."

Well paint me green and orange.


Gumby: Do you want to try it, Pokey?
Pokey: No thanks, I prefer grass.

Monday, October 10, 2011


What are yours? I don't generally bookmark much, and upon looking tonight, realized my list was quite small: supposedly this is what I've deemed saveworthy in the internet world, but bookmarking for me is quite inconsequential (most frequented sites are just auto-recalled upon typing in the html addy...) 

 really need to start using more often.

barely week two and still numb.

Been supremely bummed out as of recently: a mixture of the leg still being a giant pain in my ass (the six inch incision elicits lightning bolt sharp pains inside, but is still essentially completely numb on the outside) the small amount of pain meds ran out a while ago (and they were taken the hours apart prescribed) ibuprofen doesn't do much of a damn good, still being propped, areas around stitches itch like a bitch, (and while I succumbed to the skin around one of the two sets of stitches last night, scolded myself into stopping) can't still bend my knee very well, and still proves difficult to put on underwear and pants.
Nevertheless, the cabin fever has been HORRIBLE almost the entire time, and because of it I've been rather delirious. I did start walking the dog a few days back to finally get out of the house and scoured the beach on Saturday (all the walking up and down, seashell scavenging and intense high noon sunshine had me sleeping in bed completely sore a few hours later) and have finally begun to try to just continue the job search now as of today (no matter how sore it is still) -- I set out 8:30 this morning, walking a mile and a 1/2, catching the bus, job shadowing at a prospect I'm actually going to pass on (dude wants me to bend over backwards for him cashiering, cooking, delivering, catering, MARKETING his business, and building him a website for a mere $7 something an hour? dear lord have I worked enough slave wage jobs to notice a SUPERSLAVE position.) so, returning from five hours of pointlessness - and having walked about three miles had me physically kaput,
BUT, I still saddled up and called a bunch of places, cruised the craigslist ads per usual sending more resumes, and thus continues the search I am NOT allowing myself to slack upon.
Tomorrow I'm going to go pick up the check from Wildflower, ask about small gigs there (might need an occasional front ender but not even part-time status) walk from there to my hopefully last ortho appointment (taking out hardcore stitches while the other set is supposed to dissolve) trudge some more, trudge out the next day for an interview at a call center (down here they start around $10 an hour, may as well do something I know how to be persuasive with)
UNTIL I CAN: Go to massage therapy school, which is a path I've officially decided on taking. A neighbor my mom has met was a massage therapy teacher, owns his own place, and knows exactly where I should go to learn. He told my mom that I could call him for advice or help anytime I needed to. Massage therapy has constantly been entertained in my head as far back as college --- and after all this physical wear and tear I've personally been through, firstly, I'd love to learn about all the muscles, different parts of the body, and whats best for them, and at the same time, be able to help others.

a beloved lady that is missed a lot sent me a message a while back telling me she wrote a song about me, upon re-reading it, asked her to put it online and send it to me, so this is it and i can't stop listening... cheered me up so much:

Karyn (franny and the hmms) 2008 by the frumms

husband of the animated world: JOHN KRICFALUSI

my favorite animator, john kricfalusi.

apparently made a funny jetsons short

and just RECENTLY, did an amazing simpsons couch gag!

more info on the simpsons intro
can be found on this blog, HERE.

just to go along with:

husband of radio broadcasting: Ira Glass
husband of political punditry/television media: Jon Stewart

Another man catching my fancy these days: Alan Davies.
unable to list them all...
that's all today in the wonderful wide world of WHOAH-MAN-ticizing.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

musical animations

You can vote for one fool or another, but you can't buy a beer!

rainy day ray of light

Yesterday, my mother's friend from high school, her daughter, and I ventured to Indian Rocks Beach, where I collected quite the small collection of shells and bits of sand dollars. Looked up a few of them, some notables are the very beautifully colored pen shells found, along with jingle shells ('mermaid toenails') --- decided to make a magical mystical marine mosaic:

and here's mr. colorful calamari!



Oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go...

"I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people."

"My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all."

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it."

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."

Happy Birthday, John Lennon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

childhood chords

Two classic animations when I was 4 and under:

Woke up on the right side of the surrealistic pillow

Miss my record player... this early morning is perfect for airplane, and it resonates so well throughout entire apartments/houses. It's up North still in good hands... but it might just be too damn expensive to ship down. I'll keep pining for my albums... and until then Youtube will have to suffice.


In the name of tasteful nudity,

there is a photograph behind this cut.

Unfortunately with my archaic layout,
You will have to click the title of this
post to see it, because even after
hours of trying, a 'read more' link
absolutely refuses to appear.

So uh, have fun with that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

warble his native wood-notes wilde

Have been reading/analyzing John Milton's companion pieces Il Penseroso and L'Allegro. Of course, THIS website is obviously quite the help. (Thanks to someone for showing me this!)

Il Penseroso
(the 'Thoughtful Person')

Hence vain deluding joyes,
The brood of folly without father bred,
How little you bested,
Or fill the fixed mind with all your toyes;
Dwell in som idle brain, [ 5 ]
And fancies fond with gaudy shapes possess,
As thick and numberless
As the gay motes that people the Sun Beams,
Or likest hovering dreams
The fickle Pensioners of Morpheus train. [ 10 ]

But hail thou Goddes, sage and holy,
Hail divinest Melancholy,
Whose Saintly visage is too bright
To hit the Sense of human sight;
And therfore to our weaker view, [ 15 ]
Ore laid with black staid Wisdoms hue.
Black, but such as in esteem,
Prince Memnons sister might beseem,
Or that Starr'd Ethiope Queen that strove
To set her beauties praise above [ 20 ]
The Sea Nymphs, and their powers offended.
Yet thou art higher far descended,
Thee bright- hair'd Vesta long of yore,
To solitary Saturn bore;
His daughter she (in Saturns raign, [ 25 ]
Such mixture was not held a stain).
Oft in glimmering Bowres, and glades
He met her, and in secret shades
Of woody Ida's inmost grove,
While yet there was no fear of Jove. [ 30 ]
Com pensive Nun, devout and pure,
Sober, stedfast, and demure,
All in a robe of darkest grain,
Flowing with majestick train,
And sable stole of Cipres Lawn, [ 35 ]
Over thy decent shoulders drawn.
Com, but keep thy wonted state,
With eev'n step, and musing gate,
And looks commercing with the skies,
Thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes: [ 40 ]
There held in holy passion still,
Forget thy self to Marble, till
With a sad Leaden downward cast,
Thou fix them on the earth as fast.
And joyn with thee calm Peace, and Quiet, [ 45 ]
Spare Fast, that oft with gods doth diet,
And hears the Muses in a ring,
Ay round about Joves Altar sing.
And adde to these retired leasure,
That in trim Gardens takes his pleasure; [ 50 ]
But first, and chiefest, with thee bring,
Him that yon soars on golden wing,
Guiding the fiery-wheeled throne,
The Cherub Contemplation,
And the mute Silence hist along, [ 55 ]
'Less Philomel will daign a Song,
In her sweetest, saddest plight,
Smoothing the rugged brow of night,
While Cynthia checks her Dragon yoke,
Gently o're th' accustom'd Oke; [ 60 ]
Sweet Bird that shunn'st the noise of folly,
Most musicall, most melancholy!
Thee Chauntress oft the Woods among,
I woo to hear thy eeven-Song;
And missing thee, I walk unseen [ 65 ]
On the dry smooth-shaven Green,
To behold the wandring Moon,
Riding neer her highest noon,
Like one that had bin led astray
Through the Heav'ns wide pathles way; [ 70 ]
And oft, as if her head she bow'd,
Stooping through a fleecy cloud.
Oft on a Plat of rising ground,
I hear the far-off Curfeu sound,
Over som wide-water'd shoar, [ 75 ]
Swinging slow with sullen roar;
Or if the Ayr will not permit,
Som still removed place will fit,
Where glowing Embers through the room
Teach light to counterfeit a gloom, [ 80 ]
Far from all resort of mirth,
Save the Cricket on the hearth,
Or the Belmans drousie charm,
To bless the dores from nightly harm:
Or let my Lamp at midnight hour, [ 85 ]
Be seen in som high lonely Towr,
Where I may oft out-watch the Bear,
With thrice great Hermes, or unsphear
The spirit of Plato to unfold
What Worlds, or what vast Regions hold [ 90 ]
The immortal mind that hath forsook
Her mansion in this fleshly nook:
And of those Dæmons that are found
In fire, air, flood, or under ground,
Whose power hath a true consent [ 95 ]
With Planet, or with Element.
Som time let Gorgeous Tragedy
In Scepter'd Pall com sweeping by,
Presenting Thebs, or Pelops line,
Or the tale of Troy divine. [ 100 ]
Or what (though rare) of later age,
Ennobled hath the Buskind stage.
But, O sad Virgin, that thy power
Might raise Musæus from his bower,
Or bid the soul of Orpheus sing [ 105 ]
Such notes as warbled to the string,
Drew Iron tears down Pluto's cheek,
And made Hell grant what Love did seek.
Or call up him that left half told
The story of Cambuscan bold, [ 110 ]
Of Camball, and of Algarsife,
And who had Canace to wife,
That own'd the vertuous Ring and Glass,
And of the wondrous Hors of Brass,
On which the Tartar King did ride; [ 115 ]
And if ought els, great Bards beside,
In sage and solemn tunes have sung,
Of Turneys and of Trophies hung;
Of Forests, and inchantments drear,
Where more is meant then meets the ear. [ 120 ]
Thus night oft see me in thy pale career,
Till civil-suited Morn appeer,
Not trickt and frounc't as she was wont,
With the Attick Boy to hunt,
But Cherchef't in a comly Cloud, [ 125 ]
While rocking Winds are Piping loud,
Or usher'd with a shower still,
When the gust hath blown his fill,
Ending on the russling Leaves,
With minute drops from off the Eaves. [ 130 ]
And when the Sun begins to fling
His flaring beams, me Goddes bring
To arched walks of twilight groves,
And shadows brown that Sylvan loves
Of Pine, or monumental Oake, [ 135 ]
Where the rude Ax with heaved stroke,
Was never heard the Nymphs to daunt,
Or fright them from their hallow'd haunt.
There in close covert by som Brook,
Where no profaner eye may look, [ 140 ]
Hide me from Day's garish eie,
While the Bee with Honied thie,
That at her flowry work doth sing,
And the Waters murmuring
With such consort as they keep, [ 145 ]
Entice the dewy-feather'd Sleep;
And let som strange mysterious dream,
Wave at his Wings in Airy stream,
Of lively portrature display'd,
Softly on my eye-lids laid. [ 150 ]
And as I wake, sweet musick breath
Above, about, or underneath,
Sent by som spirit to mortals good,
Or th' unseen Genius of the Wood.
But let my due feet never fail, [ 155 ]
To walk the studious Cloysters pale,
And love the high embowed Roof,
With antick Pillars massy proof,
And storied Windows richly dight,
Casting a dimm religious light. [ 160 ]
There let the pealing Organ blow,
To the full voic'd Quire below,
In Service high, and Anthems cleer,
As may with sweetnes, through mine ear,
Dissolve me into extasies, [ 165 ]
And bring all Heav'n before mine eyes.
And may at last my weary age
Find out the peacefull hermitage,
The Hairy Gown and Mossy Cell,
Where I may sit and rightly spell, [ 170 ]
Of every Star that Heav'n doth shew,
And every Herb that sips the dew;
Till old experience do attain
To somthing like Prophetic strain.
These pleasures Melancholy give, [ 175 ]
And I with thee will choose to live.

(the 'Happy Person')

Ence loathed Melancholy
Of Cerberus, and blackest midnight born,
In Stygian Cave forlorn
'Mongst horrid shapes, and shreiks, and sights unholy,
Find out som uncouth cell, [ 5 ]
Wher brooding darknes spreads his jealous wings,
And the night-Raven sings;
There under Ebon shades, and low-brow'd Rocks,
As ragged as thy Locks,
In dark Cimmerian desert ever dwell. [ 10 ]

But com thou Goddes fair and free,
In Heav'n ycleap'd Euphrosyne,
And by men, heart-easing Mirth,
Whom lovely Venus at a birth
With two sister Graces more [ 15 ]
To Ivy-crowned Bacchus bore;
Or whether (as som Sager sing)
The frolick Wind that breathes the Spring,
Zephir with Aurora playing,
As he met her once a Maying, [ 20 ]
There on Beds of Violets blew,
And fresh-blown Roses washt in dew,
Fill'd her with thee a daughter fair,
So bucksom, blith, and debonair.
Haste thee nymph, and bring with thee [ 25 ]
Jest and youthful Jollity,
Quips and Cranks, and wanton Wiles,
Nods, and Becks, and Wreathed Smiles,
Such as hang on Hebe's cheek,
And love to live in dimple sleek; [ 30 ]
Sport that wrincled Care derides,
And Laughter holding both his sides.
Com, and trip it as ye go
On the light fantastick toe,
And in thy right hand lead with thee, [ 35 ]
The Mountain Nymph, sweet Liberty;
And if I give thee honour due,
Mirth, admit me of thy crue
To live with her, and live with thee,
In unreproved pleasures free; [ 40 ]
To hear the Lark begin his flight,
And singing startle the dull night,
From his watch-towre in the skies,
Till the dappled dawn doth rise;
Then to com in spight of sorrow, [ 45 ]
And at my window bid good morrow,
Through the Sweet-Briar, or the Vine,
Or the twisted Eglantine.
While the Cock with lively din,
Scatters the rear of darknes thin, [ 50 ]
And to the stack, or the Barn dore,
Stoutly struts his Dames before,
Oft list'ning how the Hounds and horn,
Chearly rouse the slumbring morn,
From the side of som Hoar Hill, [ 55 ]
Through the high wood echoing shrill.
Som time walking not unseen
By Hedge-row Elms, on Hillocks green,
Right against the Eastern gate,
Wher the great Sun begins his state, [ 60 ]
Rob'd in flames, and Amber light,
The clouds in thousand Liveries dight.
While the Plowman neer at hand,
Whistles ore the Furrow'd Land,
And the Milkmaid singeth blithe, [ 65 ]
And the Mower whets his sithe,
And every Shepherd tells his tale
Under the Hawthorn in the dale.*
Streit mine eye hath caught new pleasures
Whilst the Lantskip round it measures, [ 70 ]
Russet Lawns, and Fallows Gray,
Where the nibling flocks do stray,
Mountains on whose barren brest
The labouring clouds do often rest:
Meadows trim with Daisies pide, [ 75 ]
Shallow Brooks, and Rivers wide.
Towers, and Battlements it sees
Boosom'd high in tufted Trees,
Wher perhaps som beauty lies,
The Cynosure of neighbouring eyes. [ 80 ]
Hard by, a Cottage chimney smokes,
From betwixt two aged Okes,
Where Corydon and Thyrsis met,
Are at their savory dinner set
Of Hearbs, and other Country Messes, [ 85 ]
Which the neat-handed Phillis dresses;
And then in haste her Bowre she leaves,
With Thestylis to bind the Sheaves;
Or if the earlier season lead
To the tann'd Haycock in the Mead, [ 90 ]
Som times with secure delight
The up-land Hamlets will invite,
When the merry Bells ring round,
And the jocond rebecks sound
To many a youth, and many a maid, [ 95 ]
Dancing in the Chequer'd shade;
And young and old com forth to play
On a Sunshine Holyday,
Till the live-long day-light fail,
Then to the Spicy Nut-brown Ale, [ 100 ]
With stories told of many a feat,
How Faery Mab the junkets eat,
She was pincht, and pull'd she sed,
And he by Friars Lanthorn led
Tells how the drudging Goblin swet [ 105 ]
To ern his Cream-bowle duly set,
When in one night, ere glimps of morn,
His shadowy Flale hath thresh'd the Corn
That ten day-labourers could not end,
Then lies him down the Lubbar Fend. [ 110 ]
And stretch'd out all the Chimney's length,
Basks at the fire his hairy strength;
And Crop-full out of dores he flings,
Ere the first Cock his Mattin rings.
Thus don the Tales, to bed they creep, [ 115 ]
By whispering Windes soon lull'd asleep.
Towred Cities please us then,
And the busie humm of men,
Where throngs of Knights and Barons bold,
In weeds of Peace high triumphs hold, [ 120 ]
With store of Ladies, whose bright eies
Rain influence, and judge the prise
Of Wit, or Arms, while both contend
To win her Grace, whom all commend.
There let Hymen oft appear [ 125 ]
In Saffron robe, with Taper clear,
And pomp, and feast, and revelry,
With mask, and antique Pageantry,
Such sights as youthfull Poets dream
On Summer eeves by haunted stream. [ 130 ]
Then to the well-trod stage anon,
If Jonsons learned Sock be on,
Or sweetest Shakespear fancies childe,
Warble his native Wood-notes wilde,
And ever against eating Cares, [ 135 ]
Lap me in soft Lydian Aires,
Married to immortal verse,
Such as the meeting soul may pierce
In notes, with many a winding bout
Of lincked sweetnes long drawn out, [ 140 ]
With wanton heed, and giddy cunning,
The melting voice through mazes running;
Untwisting all the chains that ty
The hidden soul of harmony.
That Orpheus self may heave his head [ 145 ]
From golden slumber on a bed
Of heapt Elysian flowres, and hear
Such streins as would have won the ear
Of Pluto, to have quite set free
His half regain'd Eurydice. [ 150 ]
These delights, if thou canst give,
Mirth with thee, I mean to live.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Crimson Permanent Assurance!

in which I found this lil' gem too!

one of my favorite TG animations in MOL:

cosmopolitan dreamin'

Woke up this morning from the best trip! Yes, I traveled to France in my dream last night. First night there, I stayed in a 'haunted' hotel with a bunch of odd paintings, which I was taking photos of - and after I took a photo of one with a dragon, I went to scroll back to see the others to find out the dragon had cursed my camera and deleted them all, except for that one photo: the eyes of the dragon were freaky as shit.
Moved along to another town - found a room in an old castle/cathedral type deal... that had a giant field surrounded by living quarters and such... the moment I decided to go frolicking in the field in a dress, a bunch of french lads (who presumably had just been peering out their windows onto the field) were after me... alarmed, I started running back to my quarters... when one of them, quite dapper, sort of 'claimed me' and the others seemed to disappear immediately. We laid on the field and um... well, let's just say it was a WONDERFUL way to wake up.


Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.

No reply...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Can we go back

to when everything was this divine?
I'm tired of the present.
Yearning for the rich and fulfilling...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gargle, then rinse.

Apparently this recovery process is longer than anticipated... because of it, I'm uncertain as to what is going to happen with the job acquired two weeks ago... the owner didn't schedule me this next week (which is wise, while my spunky attitude had me thinkin' I could get back in at the latter half of the week, it's still very sore and difficult to walk on; still numb in many major areas.) now the owner is worried about it... so whether this job will still be an option at the end of the week, would be nice to know, but I can't worry about it right now... can't push this. I've never had surgery before, and of this caliber. Last thing I need to do is push myself too hard and screw something up again and pay MORE money into the failed system (which, oh hey, another surprise bill came recently from a visit that was only supposed to have a $20 co-pay. Figures. HELLO, I HAVE NO MONEY, WORLD.)
Did find online what could be the perfect office assistant job... really tailored my cover letter and resume (and finally set up my new cellphone numbers voicemail box with my generic professional message!)
GETTING ANTSY. Just wish I could get out there already. Bedridden blasphemy is for the birds. Also am dying to go protest, but I need to think jobs. I need to prove to others that IT'S POSSIBLE TO FIND THEM IF YOU TRY HARD ENOUGH! Keyword(s): Trying hard.