Thursday, June 30, 2011

you keep hanging on for more... i keep tripping over hints

My favorite part of today so far: the silver haired older man's tie flapping tirelessly in the wind, which just kept launching my hair into fits at very random moments.

Unfortunately, no one ever calls my cellphone. don't really ever use the thing, so it's understandable, and I've only gathered 10-15 numbers since my old one crapped out on the day I was stuck downtown in the tornado thunderstorm. I really like phone calls...

Everyone's hours are getting cut at work, we're trying to keep each others morales up, and it's happened before (generally happens for 'end of the months' but they also hired a crapload of people really quickly who can't code...) got my resume writing idea up and out on craigslist, but due to not having the internet, can't check it as much as I'd like to.

A few days ago I actually did obtain a voice recorder. while I haven't ultimately decided what to do with it, i've began taking little notes and recording random things. people've been all retarded after i tell them i have it... they're all, 'oh god you're taping me right now aren't you?' or they stop talking. pffft, i told them no, and that why would i want to tape them. (muahah.)

I will SEE THE OCEAN for the first time in FOREVER on Sunday... Patrice is going to rent a car and her, Jill, and I are going to go to hamonASSett beach to convene with practically every friend of mine from Noho.

Monkey documentary last night = monkeys of different kinds all watch out for each other, and then watched a clip about a gorilla being adopted by an old french couple. HELLO, human race...

And just as Colbert pointed out, even though Wal-Mart is 70% women and 30% men, and the men make more in all positions, we (males and females) are now genderly powerless against big corporations. GREEEEEAAAAATTTTTT! (....)

Ending this on a 'note', I saw a commercial recently with Obama with him saying something to the extent of how awful it would be to prevent some certain people (with some certain problem I can't particularly remember) from having 'the American Experience.' so move over American Dream, now it's the 'American Experience,' and it sounds like we're some horrible, awry laboratory experiment. lovely.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in my head right now...

wednesday wee crack o' the day warbles

every nation should spend
some time governing themselves,
but it won't ever happen -
what's with this new world order riffraff?

the end of career politicians!
or is it an evil that needs to Exist?
certain elements would disappear
and the hypocrites would appear,
it's what we all are.

all I know is world... we Americans do NOT need Michele Bark-men-up-a-tree. Having a nightmare about her is me being legitimately worried about who will be manning the helm in a year.

also, weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

Monday, June 27, 2011

the mayhem feels like its over... so let life begin

Where I am going to be at the end of august? weighing the pros and cons of two different careers: pursuing political science, or possible massage therapist.
[if political science:] look at schools in the midwest, ranked somewhat better than average
[if massage therapist:] two yr certificate
also, THINK entrepreneurial: possible copywriter/resume builder for anyone who needs it

Tomorrow: going to free health clinic on pomeroy avenue for hopeful leg diagnosis

In betwinkst all this: work, and push for creativity (mini canvasses, angelo story)
while taking care of myself physically (more water, less booze)

Kozak also called me and said everyone loves my cartoons so much at work, that I should do cartoon drawing on the streets... I just need to get my own faith behind that idea.

Having gotten home from southwick at 7am today, I accomplished two loads of laundry early on, cleaned, and even found time to treat myself to a big floppy hat and new sunglasses.

Ate lunch with Kathy and Kreg - Kathy has realized, through a girl that currently works at Moshi, that Sam isn't following proper labor laws (yeah, I knew that...) but she was so mad about us ladies working our booties off for less than we really should have made... but it felt weirdly fulfilling - like someone finally found out the pain endured. not sure if I can be in any more of a positive attitude at the moment, I'm really trying to get my act together.

And, I have a new (and should be embroidered) philosophy about guys: they're unworthy till they prove themselves worthy. New empowered sense of self Karyn does not need you to live. but if you want to be her equal, give it a try. at the very least you'll be a good friend. sounds like a gain to me.

Morale Meter: 99.7%

"Howdy, ya'll!"

late night laundry

K: and i hate feeling the cynicism of 'oh the economy is horrible theres no jobs for me theres no way i can improve so im just going to stay stagnant'..

A: there are times where i do, buuuut eventually i'm like....i can't give in to this shit, the idea of giving up on everything completely..

K: well i know i dont like feeling that way, i'm constantly trying to fight myself against those feelings.

K: our generation really baffles/infuriates me.

A: right? i don't like going into open places where i find people our age.... malls, downtown spaces of cities and such huge festivals.....

K: we dont even know what we're in for... because we're going to have to go pro and really get on the ball if we want to succeed (and fight off all these 'career politicians', founding fathers did not mean for it to be that way) and yeah, what the hell are we doing? twiddling our thumbs and getting high at massive festivals?

A: washington...he warned against shit at the end of his term, but yes, tip of the iceberg..

A: i honestly feel more at home amongst old people..

K: me too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

'it's like so manual... its like all these tracks of silence.'


Why has basic conversation between people become so one worded? One reason I don't like coming to coffee shops to use internet - I'm mindboggled by what is deemed worthy of coming out of certain people's mouths. it's like that most recent South Park episode I watched... shit & farting noises = everyone else & whatever they have to say.

why is everyone a self processed/professed master musician? i don't want to sit here and object myself to this dribble:
'omg it's really boring it just sounds like techno', 'no man it's really cool, and it's not like a bad sound, it's real like drawn out or whatever, and you can hear what nates doing because its real cool, and they're not tryin' to be like that yanno, it's kind of... yeah.' (takes sip of coffee.) [VERBATIM]

I actually now wish I was taping this conversation. 'The record's called 'I Hate Myself' or something...' (group laughter)

Still in Queue of Things I Want: punching bag, tape recorder, new shoes, a vacation, baby back ribs, a body that didn't hurt, laughter, to be able to do the mural I've decided to map out, some cuddles, and in this random cold spell: warmth!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

C'mon. Get a Clue.

It's really pointless to get pissed at each other, especially when everyone is dealing/coping with their own stress. If you're really poised to slander, you certainly don't have enough to do with your time. Also incredibly interesting how the people who talk about 'how ridiculous' and 'chatty' this town is seem to be the guiltiest of them all. Yeah, I'd know. We've all been through it, and we all should be able to get past it. I don't dislike anyone. So wise up. and maybe... get a job, even if it sucks. stop complaining about your life if you're not willing to do anything to fix it. (not directed at anyone in particular. rly.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

every other day of the week is fine, yeah

"Do what scares you."


I could do more though.

Others take heed with this advice too.
You might 'think' you're doing this,
but you have to keep at it and constantly
step out of your comfort zone.
If you don't, you're kind of a pussy,
but if that's what someone wantstabe,
you can't tell them otherwise, right?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


doing some living so i can write about it later,
but really, things have been much better.

here's a lazy 'it's in color because its SUNDAY' comic!

been doing some photography & drawing. it'd be cool to just get a general website up. and a scanner. thoughtsthoughtsthoughts. the end for now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"Patriarch on a Vespa,
Runs a red and ends up
Crushed under the wheel."

Friday, June 3, 2011


Past two days filled with:
more entries to paper journal.
working; reading Lolita.
reading Lolita in specific
nooks around the paradise -
reorganizing swank bedroom
while blaring hues of blues...
but don't let that fool,
I'm just plain dandy.

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