Tuesday, July 31, 2012


breathing. miraculous is the only word i can fathom for the calm, chill sense of relief that has washed over me. the underdog made it. it was so tough to keep my cool... it was absolutely brutal (most of the brutality congregating/coalescing in my noggin: outwardly affable and quiet, but deeply wounded inside.) it was so wonderful to me to know how much everyone in this restaurant respects me, to think I was to blame, to then immediately realize the problem was not I, but someone else... and then we had to all be tactical to rid of the problem, which we are at the same time sad to say was a problem. but bittersweet is all I can feel after having my hours severely shafted for a month because of this individuals unfortunate personal dilemmas. sooo done with mindfuckery ferra good while, at least, pretty please, some sort of spirit? not into it anymore whatsoever. blergh.
now I'm like this turtle, gingerly taking in gulps of air.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

been interneting less.

blaming mercury retrograde for having not written in here in forever, then again I've just been trying to be as out and about as possible. photos do the trick!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ragin' in Russia

you feminist punk rockin' chicks in Russia are AWESOME. 
alls I gotta say is, fight the good fight ladies!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


EMBARKING ON & ESTABLISHING A QUEST to do what really sums up what I've always wanted to do, what inspired me from the beginning: puppeteering. not the psychotic, john malkovich kind. going to push myself to create my own, make some skits, maybe entertain some kids. or at least make some videos to share with everyone.

Watching the 'Being Elmo' documentary sealed the deal in my head. Crying while watching Elmo (Kevin Clash) cuddle up to a little girl as her dying wish: This is the perfect tool for me to reach out, as I've always wanted to reach out. I went to college majoring in Elementary Ed because I've always had a magical connection with kids, but I got sidetracked into the Journalism vortex, and everything went into disarray. Sometimes we really do just have to persevere through all the bullshit and people who will never take you seriously to come to some beautiful, exciting new prospect. Jim Henson has been in my blood since day one, it just took FOREVER to refocus and cherish the important things: beauty, truth, love, innocence, helpfulness, curiosity, wonder, amazement, and how can we leave out... SILLY?

How I'm beginning this endeavor: watching/re-watching as much classic sesame street/muppet show as humanly possible while jotting notes, then conceptualizing a character, and of course, there will be a lot of me heading my hit on a table and talking in ridiculous voices, but that's not anything new, really.

UPDATE: 40 minutes later after ravaging the house for supplies to build a basic prototype sock puppet character, temporarily named Mr. Jingles was born with a jingle bell for a nose, who also slightly resembles an earless Ren (of the Ren and Stimpy persuasion) what with his flappy hangy lips, n' all. 

oh dear. brace yourselves. this is only the beginning.
been wrappin' a lotta concoctions lately, but this one is dubbed 'Funky Town' (crumbled up srsly sharp cheese, brussel sprouts sauteed in butter, diced up dill pickles, lightly drizzled with mustard & ranch dressing, grilled chicken on a 'Flat Out' spinach wrap.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

this is a(n) (acid) test.

my blog is apparently a "wonderful elucidation of various life lessons." who woulda thunk'd that up?! what were they drinking...

Monday, July 9, 2012

soothing bedtime drums

"Salome, Salami, Bologna!"

proudly did this with ONLY thin sharpie! (from an old photo with awesome old pals) accidentally made his eyes look too funny though, but anytime that happens, ya just give 'em shades. 

alas! internet is back! our modem was sick and dead for a few days... i lost count; i've been lost in everyday bs. the trials and tribulations of living with the opposite sex... as irrational in thinking you may become (and thinking about doing something drastically stupid) things get talked out, solved, and ... better. (and hopefully will stay that way, this time.) sticking out the storms is no easy feat, though. not for me... so i really hope everything gets better for us so we don't have to stress ourselves/each other out; have been trying to garner the confidence to get out and about and meet new people when I'm not working (which isn't easy for me anymore.)

after eight months, our place actually seems to have some proper feng shui - we shoved a heavier than life futon up two flights of stairs, and now are finally piecing together what used to be our giant vacant living room. (talk about dismal feeling until now...)

[we're both pretty minimalist, but i'm hoping to get a better area rug & afghan/couch pillows in future thrifting endeavors]

So... yeah. It's all good, internet. I'm still alive. yarrr. (been watching too many Popeye cartoons in the absence of internet. And Twin Peaks.)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

we were so close, there was no room, we bled inside each others wombs


Would you enjoy the fourth of July, standing in a pigsty?
Well America, we're knee deep in shit.
Clean up your act, Lady Liberty.

"Sssssyeahhhhh, like that'll evah happen. Don't count on it, sugah-tits." -L.L

spending my independence leisurely sipping icy cold cran-norwegian vodkas, will mosey down to the bayou later, and hopefully someone will get home from work early to enjoy fireworks (or even lighting our own.) happy 4th, YOU all deserve it, not the ones who take vacations every other day with their lofty celebrity/lobbyist funds. love what you got, you have a better grasp on life that way. :)