Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride...

Everything is going reasonably well. Have began praying to 'my own sense of God' everyday, which actually really helps me; I thank Elizabeth Gilbert to death for that. Finally in our new home which has an even bigger pool than the last, so swimming everyday for 45 minutes helps lift my mood and helps me forget about Mr. Loneliness and Mr. Depression, so they're not always breathing down my neck like they loooove to do. Eventually I want to write more when more happens: going on a secret mission with a new friend tomorrow, followed by a three day weekend of adventuring in different towns (and beaches) with my mom, Steve, and our dog Simba. Crossing my fingers that I will find a job soon, but must take it all in stride. Oh no, I got to keep on moving...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

beautiful children.

to love and be loved is everything...

I'm sorry guys. I'm really really sorry.

Stupidly drank the free bottle of Jim Beam my mother had received from a co-worker and went mental last night. Being alone in a new state + general frustration and overall anxiety .... I flipped my lid. I cried hysterically. (The tears flowed as freely as Irene flooded the East Coast.) I said stupid things to people I love. Then I cried in my moms shoulder this morning, told her whiskey = northampton and depression, and I swore it off. After I said "I should just throw it out," she had a better idea - pour it down the drain. So I did.

My mom reminded me... I'm not alone anymore.

Karyn down in Florida = sober.

On the path to real happiness.

Monday, August 22, 2011

In the bright of day it might seem like the stars are gone.

Packed my one small bag.

Might be a few days before another entry, but super maturity mode is required and there will be a lack of computer usage.

So, as of 7am tomorrow, I will be: A) the shy quiet person (pretending to be) asleep B) chatty kathy with the people that have to sit next to me (poor them) C) meekly asking one of them to play Mad Libs, especially if said person is a very attractive male D) ipod on, spacing out the window seat (which i hope to get) E) Re-reading the ONE book packed F) Writing or drawing G) all of the above, intermittently

Collectively wishing everyone the best of luck here in New England, for the ones who can truly handle it are some sort of grand champions. Think of it this way: I'm wussing out. Just a big ol' bag'a wuss.

Adieu, mes amis. Je vais à la gloire!

(Psssstttt... I've also been sober for 36 hours & counting!)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cuddle Fuddle

Karyn Elizabeth Danforth has officially left Northampton, Massachusetts and is so incredibly elated, she just... can't even begin to tell you, only in third person.

Staying at my fathers in Southwick till my flight on Tuesday morning, being picked up by my grandparents and staying with them for a few days, then it's onto my new home! Which I will actually be helping pack and move to my REAL new home. (So proud of my mom having gotten into the rental game.)

Had a really nice night with my folks and pooches here... I'm going to extremely miss them, but my excitement is kind of covering that up for now.

And just so Karyn can be really made fun of, she teared up watching Tangled tonight. COME ON, disney movies just CUT TO THE CORE OF MY BEING. Kind of want to grow my hair that long. Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair...

Friday, August 19, 2011


Don't go on the look out of a whim. Aye, she said.

Was particularly down in the dumps this evening after spending the last week excavating all of my materialistic bullshit out of this apartment and into the hands of others or in free piles near my doorstep.... a lot of introspection, sadness, even a bit of rage (which my tongue and my fingertips get slippery and I have to TRY to get myself to calm down... but it turns to sadness and crying.) Being awash and a muck in feelings just doesn't make anything easier. Luckily enough, a friend I recently got the honor of meeting just came over with a bon voyage two cd mix set made personally - he even made me fill out a bit of a musical questionnaire to get a mix closest to the genres I adore previous to the presentation of it tonight... already his presence and present put a big smile on my face and I am going to make it these last days... no matter how difficult they may be.

Edit: Apparently THIS is my personality type?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

SlutWalks aren't the (best) solution.

Here's an article I read recently:

The trouble with SlutWalks: They trivialize rape
Thursday, August 04, 2011

Rape is a crime of physical power, of the strong doing what they will and the weak suffering what they must. It is the scourge of womankind, it has always been with us and - barring some radical change in the power dynamics between men and women - it will plague us until the end of time.

How can we, the weaker sex, fight against it? By protecting ourselves against sexual crimes of opportunity, by working to change laws that privilege attackers over victims, by creating services that support women who have been raped and by educating others (both male and female) about the devastation that rape produces so that they are encouraged to join the battle against it.

Or, on the other hand, we could get groups of women to dress up in underwear and fetish gear and march through city streets carrying signs saying things like, "It's My Hot Body, I Do What I Want," and chanting provocative slogans such as, "Yes Means Yes." These are the hallmarks of SlutWalks, which have lately sprung up all around the country (and the world) and which - believe it or not - are dedicated to ending rape.

Toronto had one in April. Dallas had one in May. Chicago and New Delhi had ones in June. New York is planning one in October. Jessica Valenti, the author of "The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession With Virginity Is Hurting Young Women," praised the walks as "the most successful feminist action of the past 20 years."

The walks do seem to have garnered the attention of men - but largely because the events constitute one of those particularly modern institutions in which the desires of radical feminists dovetail perfectly with those of aging frat boys. Get a group of barely dressed women to shout about how horny they are and men will reliably show up to cheer them on and get their digits.

But the enterprise is more complex - at once more risible and more intriguing - than it seems at first blush.

SlutWalks are dedicated to an audacious proposition: that the erotic desires of sexually adventurous women can be celebrated at the same time and during the very same event, that they demand improved protection from rape. They are a kind of Stonewall for lusty women, a loud, angry cry to live freely and be treated the same as sexually conventional women.


I don't think 'SlutWalks' are a good idea. While I'm not condoning the fact that this writer proclaims us to be 'the weaker sex,' she's got a simple point that I've thought the entire time, especially using the name 'slutwalk?' really ladies? you think the only way you could band together would be to encourage other ladies to dress in the most outlandish fashions ever that are known to attract freakazoids and yell 'look at my hot body?' can't just have a 'walk' decrying it where you dressed the way you generally dress, and yell, 'you're not allowed to just fuck around with women' Because it's more dignifying (in my opinion) to cover up at least SOME of your goods - if you dress like a slut in THIS world, chances are you're going to be treated like one. Ladies can have their own PRIVATE sexual revolutions, I certainly don't need to clarify that in public - I'd rather get down to the CORE problem: rape. (Which is a touchy subject for me.) 'Outlandish' carefully chosen statements about the issue yelled in a megaphone sounds like a much better course of action. If the ladies are going to make it about themselves singularly, they're overshadowing the issue at hand. Period.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

motherly instincts.

Sitting eating in a restaurant the other night, a little girl who was running around toppled on the ground, while her very sweet mother was buying a drink for a woman who sincerely asked her if she could spare just a soda or an iced tea. She began bellowing tears, and just knowing I had to, I immediately lifted myself from my seat, scooped her up into my arms consoling her, got her to her mother, and she stopped crying in an instant.
Seeing a little girl scared in any foreign place just knocks me down to size.

Sunday, August 14, 2011



gonna get to see them ONE MORE TIME
and then have to miss them from afar...

Champin' Cryptozoology!

Back up at my fathers cabin in Willsboro, NY for the first time in four years or so and now that I've returned, already feeling pangs of sorrow... I will soon be incredibly far away from all of the voluptuous beauty that embodies New England, for when you get intimate with the landscape away from all the noise and people, is just perfect. The four hour drive up lassos you in with just the mere sight - once you're here, it's like nothing else. Today we ventured to Ausable Chasm, the 'Grand Canyon of the East,' and went to the Essex County Fair, where I TRULY connected with animals of every kind - horses (who were snuggling up to me) goats, a camel, and the coolest mofo of an ox around (he ONLY got up to see me, I joked because in the chinese zodiac, I'm an ox) made my duck noise my mother taught me when I was young to grab the attention of some geese (who ALL reacted, started squawkin' like crazy, I astounded some bystanders with that) and then tried it with little baby ducklings all alone in a little squared in plot - they all got up on their hind legs and huddled together, thinking mommy was coming... it was just so amazingly fascinating to see how well I can connect with animals. After a bonfire and a Yuengling beer later, this silly segment was written about how I'm smitten with Upstate New York, the Adirondacks, and Lake Champlain... and I will leave you with this silly rendition of the beloved sea creature Champ! Which I'm going to go sneak out soon to visit down at the beach, and ride on his back as the full moon illuminates on the lake...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

songs about saturday.

Here's a picture of me with a very pensive baby (she's got that thinking man/fist action... the other hand on her noggin all 'oy this chick's nutso')

and the silly video I was apart of:


"Every time a dispute comes up, I hold my breath waiting to see what Obama is going to throw on the table in his opening move - and however bad I expect it to be, it's always worse. Breathtaki­ngly worse.

No, we can't afford filibuster­-proof majorities anywhere. You're right. But Obama is damning the Democrats with his incompeten­ce. He is failing dismally and in the process making progressiv­e policies and the Democrats look bad to the majority of people who don't realize that what he is doing (or not doing) is far from a typical Democrat's political philosophy­.

Obama seems to think he can govern with rhetoric and niceness. That only reinforces the Democrats' reputation for weakness, too. I think he is a disaster for the country, the people, and his party.

"Cut off your nose to spite your face. Great strategy."

If your nose is leprous or cancerous, maybe you should cut it off to save your face if you can't cure it of its ills."

- awesome comment after a super fluff piece on Obama.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving to Largo, Florida.

Yes, I am going to be living with my mom for a while, getting organized and going back to school. Leaving early morning August 23rd on a jetplane (spending the night at my fathers beforehand) so if anyone in THIS area would like to see me before I leave, I'll be here at your beckoning call. If you want to take this personally and be peeved at me for not staying and not contact me until after I leave, well that's just retarded, so have a friggin' beer with me and let's cheer for PROGRESS!

Largo is near the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area, and man... the old architecture in Tampa is BEAUTIFUL! According to maps, there's tons of parks --- adventures await. after all, it's the 'GATEWAY TO DISCOVERY!'

Seriously, don't worry, you really think I'd stop writing in here? ;)