Monday, December 19, 2011

wino, eesay wi-i-ino...

Many apologies with the lack of update... hopefully by the next week or so we'll be getting our own internets so the awkward feeling I'm experiencing from writing this in the library can fortunately go by the wayside (and then can experience the luxury of snuggling with my new down comforter and writing my daily exploits)
Creativity has been booming. It's all bubbling up every which way and I'm trying to get all of the ideas down on paper... once my computer capabilities are restored I can get on the ball with everything I want to accomplish.
I'm missing everyone a lot lately, and the cold weather... my father and stepmother will be visiting in February... as for what is going to happen on Christmas, it may just end up like Thanksgiving. Quiet, but delectable.
My roommate and I are a particularly peculiar pairing. What was sparked due to his adoration with BBC programming and a law office we pass on our daily epic journey through three towns to my cafe, Peebles and Gracy, we're determined to make our own sitcom of sorts. Except I be dah exact opposite of GRACE, yanno.
The predatory wasp of the palisades was stuck in our window today. but just like THAT, he escape artist'd that shit.

Photos and more commentary will be available in future entries, but for now, 'dis boat needs to keep paddlin' along this momentous monday of miscellanous milling about margarita-land. (jest... tarpon is luckily too sleepy of a greek town for those ridiculous parrotheadfreakos.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

drugstore cowboy

matt dillon is in town makin' a film.
he ate the food i made at the cafe yesterday...
hopefully he comes back for the duration of his stay!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanks dudes & dudettes...

Have been working and been exhausted... have a day off tomorrow and hope to start some sort of manatee comic... so stay tuned and I love you all! <3

Sunday, December 4, 2011

stroll through the society of sponge

some dainty sunday photos I took on my excursion through town:

and silly pictures i've spawned:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

photographs of tarpon continued

these obviously taken by me, 
BUT! more photos taken HERE 
by mr. christopher bishop, my roommate.

photographs of tarpon

my kitchen ala sharpy version

greek 'taj mahal' from my kitchen window

me on some clouds

reflections of the bayou

manatee nose


communication breakdown

Not sure what exactly is supposed to be happening right now, but I've been having a nice time hanging out with my roommate when I'm not working. We've hung out and talked to different monkeys at a monkey sanctuary, hanging out with manatees at the bayou, watching random shows, cartoons, and movies (last ones being Black Books, Betty Boop, and The Third Man.) Holiday mumbo jumbo is getting me completely grinchy unfortunately, I can't succumb to this bullshit anymore... it's gotten so pukeworthy I wish the technology from 'Eternal Sunshine' was readily available just to delete the word 'Christmas' with a nice slice of silence.
Re-activated Facebook only because when I called my father on my OWN new line, he told me to. Weird to me, as I tried to tell him about how much drama the thing accrues and is instigated, contorted, reverberated to miserable extents. I've been without the internet. I've been quiet as a pin. And to have my father tell me I need to coincide with this evil. I reluctantly said okay, and have been occasionally updating it from my phone.
Just really don't feel like I have anything to say to anyone right now. Especially those who will listen to everyone elses accounts of what's going on with me when they know absolutely nothing. We all got our own shit to deal with, and what better way then to tune out.
Been spending a lot of time singing in my new place; might start just trying to record shit.

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