Saturday, December 3, 2011

communication breakdown

Not sure what exactly is supposed to be happening right now, but I've been having a nice time hanging out with my roommate when I'm not working. We've hung out and talked to different monkeys at a monkey sanctuary, hanging out with manatees at the bayou, watching random shows, cartoons, and movies (last ones being Black Books, Betty Boop, and The Third Man.) Holiday mumbo jumbo is getting me completely grinchy unfortunately, I can't succumb to this bullshit anymore... it's gotten so pukeworthy I wish the technology from 'Eternal Sunshine' was readily available just to delete the word 'Christmas' with a nice slice of silence.
Re-activated Facebook only because when I called my father on my OWN new line, he told me to. Weird to me, as I tried to tell him about how much drama the thing accrues and is instigated, contorted, reverberated to miserable extents. I've been without the internet. I've been quiet as a pin. And to have my father tell me I need to coincide with this evil. I reluctantly said okay, and have been occasionally updating it from my phone.
Just really don't feel like I have anything to say to anyone right now. Especially those who will listen to everyone elses accounts of what's going on with me when they know absolutely nothing. We all got our own shit to deal with, and what better way then to tune out.
Been spending a lot of time singing in my new place; might start just trying to record shit.

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