Friday, August 10, 2012

no es necessario

Legit Update! Life at el momento = 11 hour work/commute days, only Wednesday and Sunday off, when I'm not doing that, I'm either hanging out with a) Chris, b) Maverick, c) my friend Zach, d) other various friends of Zach... soon though, might have a transplant acquaintance from Maine (we're just phone pals right now... he's in need of one; has been living by himself in some random Florida town an hour north) so... finally feel a lot more whole and sociable now that many stressful stressors have been removed from my life (yay!) have enjoyed some tasty various IPAs at nice little bars in St. Pete and Palm Harbor ('House of Beers' has 50 rotating microbrewskis on tap!) actually just bought a mix n' match six pack of 5 IPAs and 1 Pumpkin (it's so early for the pumpkin! but it's UFO, thus it must be in mah belllayyyy.)
Even though I've been living with Chris since November, I am officially living away from both of my parents now for the first time in my life... officially... alone? (putting it independently... but Mr. Man can be a big help, when he wants to be, ahah, jokeses!) As if Simba, my mother's rescue (dog) knew he couldn't handle it, he 'gave up' a couple days before my mothers venture north (moving back to Connecticut to help take care of her husband, Steve's father, who is in a late stage of cancer) and my mom had to have him put to sleep a mere day before their departure... he was so vivacious and alert with me the day before he gave up... it was truly a 'last supper' with double meaning for me, so it was intense.
And now for something completely different.... I feel completely different. As in, a couple of days ago. I think I'm learning how to be a real human being again. That I get absolutely nothing out of anything on here, that's it's such a waste compared to real interaction. I'm ready for all the interaction I can get, but within reason (and modesty.) not like the creepy supermarket stockboy who followed me by going into a lane before my friend and I went into it, then standing there waiting right in the middle of it for my friend Zach and I to pass to make googly eye comments at me... to think we were rid of him after checking out, sneaks up right behind us (but what he said was more audible to me and not Zach) a totally creep 'have a good night.' (no exaggeration.) to which I blew up like George Costanza to Zach in the car and he said, "well, he probably just thought you were cute." me: "BUT I DON'T WANT IT! I DON'T TRY when I DON'T WANT IT!" because worrying about the weirdy made me fo'get icescurrruuummmss. who likes forgetting the ben and jerrys half baked frozen yogurt? NOBODY.
Right. So apparently I'm trying to write again. When something else happens, maybe I'll pull this up.

Random of the day: feeling mortified after uttering 'Low Cunt' when reading a ticket and and counting to myself how many orders of the 'Low Country' special I needed to prepare... after Kara laughed, I chuckled a bit but mostly stood there saying, "Something no lady should ever be called!"

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