Friday, January 27, 2012


After a long day of work, sore back pain issues, and my talkative bus ride with Dan (the driver, my buddy) I stepped off and went to buy a little something for my unusual craving for sweet. A little one year old boy (that reminded me of Harrison on Dexter) was sitting in a cart at the check-out whining, and as I approached, looked at him like 'whats up lil' guy?' followed by an actual utterance of 'hey lil buddy' getting his complete silent attention. Pressing my mini ice cream package against his hand, I said "oooooh, coooold!" and he LOVED it and wanted me to do it over, and over, and over... and when it was all really over, he gave me a very heart melting tiny wave goodbye. lil' dude was a cutie. then i donated a dollar to breast cancer, after having recently purchased a hot pink air dryer (for my new incredibly short hairdo) in which supposedly proceeds of the cost would go to breast cancer too. yay bewbies!
feeling super jolly lately, looking up volunteer work, and totally gonna get me some Rosetta Stones so I can learn Russian and French.


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