Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Gee, coming home and smelling like a saucy senior really tickles my fancy... every snowbird that stepped onto the bus today presumably had dumped a bucketload of Liz Claiborne over their head... or bathed in it.
Unfortunately I'm so exhausted.... what I really need to do is start the first page of my novel I have finally situated the background/settings/premise for... even asked some closer co-workers today if I could take their e-mail addresses to send them parts for critique, of course there's always my fellow writer mister luvaluva --- but he might be too harsh. ;) It would be SO much better if I had traveling involved to gather material (character is making their way to Washington with a list of major problems and solutions to bring to our fearless leader, figured a giant scroll being unrolled would make for a good visual, even as it tumbles down the stairs inside the White House and goes right out the front door, cascading down to the monuments and so forth) but I'll do my own research and questioning (asking others a melange of questions, ie: one major thing they'd like to see change, the one thing that would help them the most, what worries them to death, wishes, hopes, dreams...) the character has this mixture of Hermes and Paul Revere about them, wanting to be the messenger of the people who believe their voices have never been heard. Little do they also know the dark side of the character, who wants to get to the bottom of this, no matter what it takes. (I've constantly humored myself with 'plans' to secretly infiltrate the high places of power in this country that are so corrupt, their doors are sealed tight, and their PR shmucks who sadly call themselves journalists write trash to keep them all in positive light. Here's to wishing those shmucks would evolve into muckrakers.) I figure since it's not realistic or ever feasible to actually get into that Oval Office, and turn around slowly in that giant armchair to confront the President, a crazy fictious tale should be written, so I can stop these silly fantasies and maybe get heard by writing a testament for the people, by the people.
With that said, I'm going to push myself to start..... after a nap... and after being a little bummed I can't visit up North till May, when the snowbirds finally leave. Siiiighhhhh....

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