Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'M GOING TO SEE JON STEWART ON TOUR DOWN HERE IN APRIL! Saw Colbert live in NYC back in '07, so it's only customary to see my other gentlesir I love so very, very dearly. All is perhaps too well in Karynland at the moment... might have to slap oneself back into 'reality', whatever that may be.

Other funny thing: all the random people on the bus that inquire about the book I've been reading by Matt Taibbi... the fancy cover with the White House hooks 'em into asking, even though they nonchalantly admit to me their conservative leanings. One guy was like "I'm going to order that when I get home!" to which I say, you do that, ... guy.

Day by day all the bullshit thats happening is fueling the fire in my fingertips to lash against the idiocracy. Latest being, you're going to deny my little Sue (60 yr old lady at work, biggest sweetheart in the world) an MRI for her fucked up back because shes uninsured but has been a lifelong law abiding American citizen and a hardworking tax paying one since she was 15? Oh no no no. Your time is nearly up for getting away with this hogwash. I have had it up to here, asshat inside groups... while my pain is nearly over, seeing little sues pain hurts all of us so much, my co-worker kara and I were fighting tears the other day. you just don't fuck with little sue. or you'll get the ...

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