Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(not quite) back from outerspace

Still completely jet-lagged... my flights were delayed and re-booked due to tropical storms in North Carolina. Leaving my dad at the airport in Bradley, we both were super sad, but at the same time, so jazzed that I really seem to have my head in the game (of Life!) totally positron. Did get to spend my layover in Charlotte talking with a 28 year old lady from Savannah at an eatery drinking a couple beers and catching a bite to eat at the bar... laughing and gabbing away, and a really cool Scorpio in her fifties sat down and joined in - bought us a round of shots... and were all off to our planes afterwards. Didn't get home and settled in till 1:30am and probably caught a mere three hours to begin the daily grind anew after five days of peaceful, easy feeling.

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