Monday, July 9, 2012

"Salome, Salami, Bologna!"

proudly did this with ONLY thin sharpie! (from an old photo with awesome old pals) accidentally made his eyes look too funny though, but anytime that happens, ya just give 'em shades. 

alas! internet is back! our modem was sick and dead for a few days... i lost count; i've been lost in everyday bs. the trials and tribulations of living with the opposite sex... as irrational in thinking you may become (and thinking about doing something drastically stupid) things get talked out, solved, and ... better. (and hopefully will stay that way, this time.) sticking out the storms is no easy feat, though. not for me... so i really hope everything gets better for us so we don't have to stress ourselves/each other out; have been trying to garner the confidence to get out and about and meet new people when I'm not working (which isn't easy for me anymore.)

after eight months, our place actually seems to have some proper feng shui - we shoved a heavier than life futon up two flights of stairs, and now are finally piecing together what used to be our giant vacant living room. (talk about dismal feeling until now...)

[we're both pretty minimalist, but i'm hoping to get a better area rug & afghan/couch pillows in future thrifting endeavors]

So... yeah. It's all good, internet. I'm still alive. yarrr. (been watching too many Popeye cartoons in the absence of internet. And Twin Peaks.)

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