Friday, September 7, 2012


currently experiencing poltergeist-ish moments: the lights keep awkwardly flickering every once and a while, and the A/C has... talked? (but really has just made odd noises never heard before.) a few days ago when my bathroom light blew out, my flashlight went off in seconds when I went in, but when someone else turned on the flashlight and went in, it didn't go out on them. unnerving, I say!

cut to this afternoon, when I went to put something in the fridge the plastic lid to the fresh salsa just POPPED off without even coming near it. not sure what ghost I've been channeling but JUST BECAUSE I looked exactly like Carol Anne when I was little doesn't mean I'm into this sort of thing. maybe the ghost has a crush on me and wants me to notice his super suave mind-bending moments. maybe he was a sponger who gave his life to the sea... and this was his apartment. (the building is super old.) it's always maybe, maybe, maybe...

maybe... he's entertaining. and if so, a tip of m'hat to you, good ghostie. it's mildly fascinating.

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