Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Gurls

Perfectly tickled pink.

Maybe because it's the first day of the best month to ever exist? Already today for me was better than all of August combined! My 'tude is in tune FINALLY. why did it take four fucking years to get out of what was quite possibly the worst funk in personal history? That, and it took a year of that to completely re-check myself. Although, what really needs to be deleted from my receptors is sadness for the fact that there are wonderful people from my past that will never speak to me again, but then again, it's not as if any of them are without faults. Shit's come from both ways in a lot of those circumstances, and while I can pick right back up from where we left off, others probably can't with me because ... pfft. like I know. but it shouldn't matter anymore. I'm doomed to think about all of these people for my entire lifetime, and if they don't like that, well tough titty, they can proverbially "suck it." ;)

It really is something down here come Autumn, beyond THRILLED and am excited as hell to start feeling positively wonderful again.

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