Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my first audio blogged blog

no longer do I have anything of any importance to say to anybody. it's nothing personal it's just that there are no words for the shell shocked feeling I feel. the growing idiocy of this world is damaging all hope of ever having another nice, calm moment with anybody. I guess I'm just doomed to being a stranger to everyone for the rest of my life, because clearly I'm too much for them to handle, for if I had to do everything over again, would have held my tongue a lot more. but I didn't have the patience then. this is different. we need to enjoy others as they are, not by what they say. only then can we get people of all different walks of life to truly listen to one another, help each other out and make them understand how what they might be thinking is harming or wrongful to themselves or others. we cannot let false lies destroy us. help others understand. it's vital.

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