Saturday, June 16, 2012

Addressed to: Anyone who claims to have beef with me

Aren't we supposed to eventually let bygones be bygones, and so on, and so forth? If you still really feel the need to make me feel like shit (whilst struggling mentally and physically through each day) whether by saying something or silently ignoring me... after I have transformed from the miserable Karyn everyone once knew. It seems like no one stops to consider anything, lest I even bother to speak of this... which I haven't. Learning to keep your evil at bay is difficult... but it's clicked. The amount of thought I've put into all my shitty past idiosyncrasies and reversing them... well, let's just say I've become a silent mute. If people want to think it's hilarious that I've become such a recluse and would prefer that I drop off the face of the earth, well, alright. It's a free country. Saying a mass apology wouldn't help, nor change anything. I'm not malicious, and I've never meant anything with bad intentions. It would just be nice to have a friend to talk to once in a while... not like friends do those sorts of things anymore. Anyways, I love everyone, and PS: is it weird to want to change your name to your middle name? I'm not cool with Karyn anymore.

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