Wednesday, June 27, 2012

undulating genie in a bottle

Finally, after 26 years of living, I am no longer a lava lamp virgin. was randomly given a blue and yellow one from a co-worker, and speaking of co-workers, I'm going to see 'Magic Mike' on Friday with the Wildflower ladies. (the codeword for nips is lipstick!) it was filmed in Clearwater, and the cast frequented our restaurant in October (when I was an invalid for a month healing from surgery.) it's apparently based on Channing Tatum's life (born in Mississippi, came to Tampa young and started male stripping. that's how he was 'spotted.') All I know is, Matthew McConaughey cracks me up in a 'you are just TOO MUCH mr. silly cowboy hippie stoned surfer ... stud? stud?! PAHAH.' (hopefully this happens not too loudly.) Kara and I both exchanged our ridiculous strip club stories (ladies ones, obv.) but honestly, if men's strip clubs were easily accessible, I probably would have never stepped into a ladies one... those you just end up at because it was last call at a bar, and one of your friends suggested it and everyone exclaimed 'YEAH!!!!!' and then you all pile into a car, and you barely remember being there, but your friends put a dollar in your hand and convince you to do something and you're such a wobbly drunk you accidentally trip and touch her on the leg... (but she deemed you a harmless drunk girl so she cut you some slack...)  [cough]  then your friends tell you the next day dying of laughter... le sigh.


(the lava lamp is just heating up, and right now it looks like a test tube with a titty inside lying on the bottom. thee 'nipple' is becoming more protruded by the second. soon it will eject itself into the blue nebulous liquid! )

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