Sunday, June 24, 2012

three rainy nights, see how they pour.

TROPICAL STORM DEBBY got tired of Dallas and decided to do the Gulf of Florida. it has been essentially pouring for almost three days, has been causing all sorts of mischief, and on top of it all, had to deal with my bank account almost being compromised by a scam. fraud knows no boundaries anymore... anyhow. been catching up on some reading, music, and movies... while making some friends who are having hard times far away laugh with silly stories and phone chats. Seems that right after dropping the holerats from my life, friends and acquaintances from the past with real problems emerged, who were seeking my help and consoling, which I have plenty to give. It becomes useless attempting to help and love those who will never love or listen to you in return properly, and will always carry animosity on their shoulder. No one bothers with the scapegoat once its wide eyed and far from the scene... but really, is the one benefiting from the bullshit. Never will I return to the previous area again, for no one truly grows, even from the most serious of situations. It is a place of misery and deceit, as is most places now it seems, but have gained an awareness that will keep me away from such buffoonery in the future, a new, improved compass to navigate me through this time period where justice and morality are practically non-existent. Live for you and in essence you will be helping others. You cannot allow yourself to forget you, and live just for others. If you think your life's quality is determined by how cool, hip, or how many people you have around in one given moment (or have 'done'.. bleck) well, uhm, instead of passively forgetting to let me know of that upon meeting me, really, don't bother. I'd rather just hang out with myself and my cat than be a conquest. Then again, I am apt to adore those who enjoy proving others wrong or challenging what they say. So, game on, Wayne. Game on, Garth.

big thank yous to the bank dudes on the phone for helping me not wake up tomorrow with $0 dollars.

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