Tuesday, June 26, 2012

have no fear, blow up dolphin is here!

Whoever has been doing these 'meanwhile in floridas' caption photos after every ludicrous event that happens down here ... love it. Debby is still hangin' around, flooding (and forcing evacuations) in some areas... there's been a couple twisters and a death or two... but the wind has truly been a wild one. going to sleep at night, it makes me feel like there's a blizzard outside, because before this the strongest winds heard up north howling were accompanied by and resulted in several feet high snow dunes on the other side of the window pane. while it added a dash of excitement for a while, after what I guess will be (at the very most) a week of Miss Debby Bipolar (today for example: SUN! pouring rain. SUN! raaaain. SUN! uhhh...) I will be more than ready to say "au revoir" to this mess! 

"I read that we've had a record number of tropical storms already hit before the first month of the (Hurricane) season. Send my apologies for moving down here and bringing all this [hands gesturing around self] hot air...." (me to Chris.)

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