Friday, July 22, 2011

110 degrees of drivel.

my quick ms paint rendition of this oppressive heat.

not even hours after falling asleep last night, i awoke in a deep sweat. took my pillow downstairs to attempt sleeping in the living room, but sleeping on a hard floor doesn't make it any easier. giving up at 9am, i toted my computer with me to coffee up - but realized i was still sweating in said establishment, and there were too many people and too many stupid conversations to match --- stupid conversations need to be completely avoided in 100+ degree weather. already, your brain is curdling... it's kind of, for lack of better words, intolerable. being in a NICELY air conditioned bar right now? totally saving my butt from this poop weather.
already, at both places though, have been groups of at least five women - presumably in their mid-thirties or forties, out for drinks and conversation.
at the coffee shop with a friend earlier:
Me: Why was I made to be the sort of 'anti-girl?' why can't i sit in groups of women and be perfectly content?
Him: I think every girl says that.
Well, not THEM, apparently...
I try to take all the girl camaraderie I can withstand (which makes it sound negative, but really, there's a certain limitation to the amount taken in, for I am truly not accustom to it.
Is it that Sex and the City complex? is it a complex? Was it designed or at least molded somehow by the media?

As I half paid attention to a movie recently, it depicted a woman working amidst a 'squadron' of men (one of those generic sci-fi outerspace snoozies) and ALL OF A SUDDEN, there was another woman.
And they automatically, hated each other.

I try to give everyone a chance, but many times, I'm the one getting glares from ladies I don't even know. Having finally been the recipient of some definitely well overdue high self esteem, I don't tend to let the glares damper my mood, but they certainly attempt to seep into the neurons in my lobes.

why do i put so much thought into this anyways...
girls got to be pissy about SOMETHING 24/7, right? ....sure.

where's the man that's going to deal with the smart-ass... blergh.

so... about that weather...

look at this fashionable man, he leads by example:

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