Saturday, July 30, 2011

For the ladies...

Anyone who knows me even in the slightest - understands the random connections I process in my head, which, while shaking it to the song 'Empty' by Metric - just feels... exactly as the lyrics read: 'Shake your head it's empty.' MOMENTS before this lyric was even expelled from the shit speakers of my ancient ipod doc, I had instinctively and rather euphorically - had begun swaying my head to and fro.
Then my brain shot to Amy Winehouse. Emily Haines, singer of Metric, and the 'Back to Black' songstress are very much one in the same. If the lyrics of songs of both were read over - and prolifically felt through the speakers...
you'd know what it is to be a mid-twenties mademoiselle in the disconnected world in which we currently struggle.
'What is our purpose, our objective?' we question. Should we try to love only one? Should we painstakingly pursue academics only to be thoroughly disappointed when our end result isn't 'the dream' - or we beat ourselves up if we couldn't make it the whole ride through - how can we find meaningful relationships in a world that publicizes and promotes 'friends with benefits?' Is it because they know we're all so stressed out they think etching more notches into our bedposts is going to help alleviate or allow us to accomplish anything?
What do us ladies who made the uneasy decision of wandering off to a city alone - working monotonous jobs one after the other, trying to just figure it out...
'There's no way out. The only way out is to give in.' (Metric, Empty)
Figure WHAT out, right? There's NOTHING, unless we give into SOMETHING. That something being?
Getting into a relationship you're not completely invested in because you're lonely? Go back to school to do some random career that supposedly is in high demand? (When in reality, every field is floundering... the informed fellow would know, the list of problems is all cause and effect - outsourcing, education is quite the mockery... really, need I elaborate any further?)
But ladies, what makes it easy to deal with the strife, the shitty jobs, the tugs at both ends from everyone telling you what they think you should do, what eases the pain?
'Love... is a losing game.' (Winehouse)
Real, understanding love - is in very rare form these days - it's like a little gem hidden in the rough, we try to find it with others who are either steps ahead, or behind us - and no matter how much we attempt to slow down or get on the ball to balance the situation - it fails and gets swept into a vortex, or black hole of discontentment.
Reader, you could be wondering by this point, 'What about alcohol?' That's a general stand in when 'love' isn't there... or by drinking we blindly believe we'll find this so called 'love.' Drinking was the coping mechanism for Winehouse - she was obviously torn between a new and old relationship - seemed as if the 'new' one supposed to be less detrimental, yet it goes to show that we can be easily pulled to the dark side of destruction.
Recently someone who follows Metric (presumably) more closely said Haines has been in the studio for a while, but nothing has been produced yet, and Miss Winehouse basically gave up - even on a stage with 20,000 surrounding her. (And, is no longer with us.)
In these lyrics, of these songstresses, one can easily recognize the Himalaya of confusion ALL young women are feeling, and for the media to plaster Winehouse as batshit mental is absurd.
Look deeper, America/World. BOTH genders of these generations are struggling with identity, and a large majority believe it will be a losing game.

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