Sunday, July 17, 2011

i'm in an episode of charlie brown right now.

day three of unemployment, and everything is relatively okay. while some leads to new employment opportunities currently exist, interestingly enough, the worrywart isn't fretting too hard. instead, she pulled out her giant tablet and vine charcoal, set up a new little art space in the living room, has been actually using her camera... and doing a lot of coffee shop sitting (but sitting with pizza right now at sams letting some live jazz band to the right of me serenade my ears.)
reading the scott pilgrim books has finally compelled me to do a cartoon novel. figuring out the main characters and such at the moment, but theres also going to be a dash of archie to it, with a whole lotta geekdom.

top and bottom of page: photos recently taken.

(skyline flipped four different ways)

Moon art, deep within the forest.

this is where it gets silly:


and finally...

art space.

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