Monday, July 4, 2011

Beer update.

Spent the first half of my July 4th walking around town and conversing with a very nice gentleman named Umit who recently moved to Northampton from Turkey, we obtained some frosty frappucinos, went for a swim at the dock of Smith College, and then, feeling very exhausted and hungry, went to Veracruzana and had some delicious grilled chicken burritos while having funny moments in conversation where we (or he moreso) played charades at attempting to figure out English words he didn't know, like cane and steering wheel (he told me he was in the process of purchasing a Honda civic, to which I told him about how my Honda was stolen from my apartment complex back in New Britain while going to CCSU - thieves had fashioned a key that could open any model of Honda civics and swiped four from the complex.) Basically, I told him he should consider some sort of security for the vehicle, while he was trying to describe the one that, looks like cane that goes over your steering wheel!
Currently I am perched inside of Tullys for the sake of beer and internet, two things I don't have any of at the moment. (Well, a full beer is accompanying me NOW! not before.) It was completely vacant, but two people just came in. Nicely perfect and peaceful.
Having had very prolific conversations with both Umit and my roommate Ken, I feel empowered by the gift of gab. Ken apologized to me tonight for having 'been a jerk.' We have both been weirded out of our minds about each other for the majority of my stay in Randolph, but he finally admitted to me that he figured it out (in his head) that I reminded him of a girl he was in love with before (who apparently looks like me) and as he explained it, he figured out he was treating me like I was her, and I realized that was probably the reason why I was so petrified of him. I pretty much admitted to him all my phobias, fears, stress and physical exhaustion, we had very intense discussions about the current state of the world (because as I explained, I think internationally, unlike these weirdos in this country that act like cosmopolitanism is so evil. pfft. freaks.) He spoke to me about the retrograde of planets and some anecdotes about how college has pretty much always been about partying (even in the middle ages apparently?) and professors he had while at college in Alaska (who apparently, wrote a book, taught from it, and didn't change his stance even after 30 years. unbelievable and inconceivable how some people can't acknowledge change and adaptation?) My roommate was super apologetic and constantly saying sorry for being an asshole, but I simply said I really couldn't think of him that way, to which he said I was a sweetheart, had given me a beer, wanted to buy chinese food tonight, and said not to worry about the rent for a while... and that I could have the larger room that Mark had moved out of. So apparently... after being so stressed out for forever, things actually want to work out in my favor now? Hopefully this will deburden my head enough for creative focus. Like I said to Umit today, I'm just really tired of being tired. Totally.

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