Sunday, August 14, 2011

Champin' Cryptozoology!

Back up at my fathers cabin in Willsboro, NY for the first time in four years or so and now that I've returned, already feeling pangs of sorrow... I will soon be incredibly far away from all of the voluptuous beauty that embodies New England, for when you get intimate with the landscape away from all the noise and people, is just perfect. The four hour drive up lassos you in with just the mere sight - once you're here, it's like nothing else. Today we ventured to Ausable Chasm, the 'Grand Canyon of the East,' and went to the Essex County Fair, where I TRULY connected with animals of every kind - horses (who were snuggling up to me) goats, a camel, and the coolest mofo of an ox around (he ONLY got up to see me, I joked because in the chinese zodiac, I'm an ox) made my duck noise my mother taught me when I was young to grab the attention of some geese (who ALL reacted, started squawkin' like crazy, I astounded some bystanders with that) and then tried it with little baby ducklings all alone in a little squared in plot - they all got up on their hind legs and huddled together, thinking mommy was coming... it was just so amazingly fascinating to see how well I can connect with animals. After a bonfire and a Yuengling beer later, this silly segment was written about how I'm smitten with Upstate New York, the Adirondacks, and Lake Champlain... and I will leave you with this silly rendition of the beloved sea creature Champ! Which I'm going to go sneak out soon to visit down at the beach, and ride on his back as the full moon illuminates on the lake...

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