Saturday, August 6, 2011


"Every time a dispute comes up, I hold my breath waiting to see what Obama is going to throw on the table in his opening move - and however bad I expect it to be, it's always worse. Breathtaki­ngly worse.

No, we can't afford filibuster­-proof majorities anywhere. You're right. But Obama is damning the Democrats with his incompeten­ce. He is failing dismally and in the process making progressiv­e policies and the Democrats look bad to the majority of people who don't realize that what he is doing (or not doing) is far from a typical Democrat's political philosophy­.

Obama seems to think he can govern with rhetoric and niceness. That only reinforces the Democrats' reputation for weakness, too. I think he is a disaster for the country, the people, and his party.

"Cut off your nose to spite your face. Great strategy."

If your nose is leprous or cancerous, maybe you should cut it off to save your face if you can't cure it of its ills."

- awesome comment after a super fluff piece on Obama.

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