Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving to Largo, Florida.

Yes, I am going to be living with my mom for a while, getting organized and going back to school. Leaving early morning August 23rd on a jetplane (spending the night at my fathers beforehand) so if anyone in THIS area would like to see me before I leave, I'll be here at your beckoning call. If you want to take this personally and be peeved at me for not staying and not contact me until after I leave, well that's just retarded, so have a friggin' beer with me and let's cheer for PROGRESS!

Largo is near the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area, and man... the old architecture in Tampa is BEAUTIFUL! According to maps, there's tons of parks --- adventures await. after all, it's the 'GATEWAY TO DISCOVERY!'

Seriously, don't worry, you really think I'd stop writing in here? ;)

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