Friday, March 23, 2012

Diving into the trash barrel of the lost and forgotten...

"See there's thinking about him, right? Which is what I do... all the time, like this obsession. It keeps me going or something, like I need it just to get through the day." 'It's an obsession.' "Right... and if you make it real? It's not the same. It's not yours anymore. I don't know, maybe I'd rather have a fantasy than even him." (Angela from My So-Called Life)

Yeah, the mere second episode of MSCL describes the fantasyland of fall '09 to mid '10. I'm glad it stayed that way. It's really fascinating to like someone you know so little about so much, that you cannot form actual sentences around them, so they in turn think you're just crazy... and then it fwaps you in the head, realizing you wasted tons of beautiful, lovely energy on a dolthead. which in my opinion, is far, far lower on the chain then 'crazy.' it's been celebrated on the top lately, and having watched Stir Crazy recently, I will gleefully concur that yes, I am crazy. and it is a beautiful thing.

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