Monday, March 26, 2012

sunburned, yet stoic.

apparently the party scene of the movie that had accepted me to be an extra for, was a teens wet dream. upon discovering this, i thought back to something that had previously scrolled through my brain like one of those old electric signs teachers could program with announcements in rainbow colors and 8-bit fireworks at the end... well it was: "It might suck." got to read a, cough, 'brilliant review' from a high schooler who had been chosen and attended, and she and all 70 girls refused the producer's (who's previous work includes a flick entitled... Trash Humpers) first question, which was, "would any of you girls be comfortable with making out with each other?" I mean, while there would be the potential possibility with some form of sedation involved maybe I would have (oh no, shit, drug free environment while simulating use of drugs? oh coooool, guys!) It was the way in which she wrote "oh my god we were brushing booties with the disney girls and singing and dancing" (not verbatim) for 10-14 hours in the sun? the reason it didn't happen was because I had work, (they send you the time the night before) the electric message in my came up in the exploding individual letter mode, and bad journalism and pukey modern teen spirit hath defeated thee.... for now.

morale is subpar, hopefully it gets better with my story pitch to someone, and while most of it was written last night (and was really the first night in forever I sat there attempting to duke something out) chris thankfully reminded me to take my time and revise it ... now I'm gonna finish my pink lemonade and curl up under the down comforter.

one thing that is bugging me: salacious banter.
can I ever feel completely positive about anything?

oh, and i've been playing the monkees albums over and over on my ipod at work, have to gauge when i feel like i can get away with it, which is usually when i'm with little sue. seriously, 'gonna buy me a dog' makes me so happy and lighthearted... every time i hear davy i get all screwed up inside. we will love him forever.

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