Sunday, March 18, 2012


Just a kind word
This influence makes you think a great deal about your relationships to others, not in unhappy terms, but quite positively. You are much more willing to give up what you normally consider your inalienable rights for the sake of maintaining peace and harmony. You are in a compromising mood and feel that few problems are important enough to warrant fighting over. Obviously this has its bad and good side, but for most people this influence has a very cheering and positive effect. You want to do what you can to help anyone who is having problems, even if it is just a kind word. Unfortunately, if you are alone now you will want very much to be with someone. Therefore this influence can actually signify a time of loneliness, if for some reason you have to remain alone. 

Yeah, Chris just left for work, and gave him a very sad looking sendoff. Here I am, unable to stop reading articles on income inequality. Feeling a generalized sympathy for all who would love to spend more time with their loved ones, but gotta go feed the wolves in order to attain your own. (food, that is.) mehhhhhhhhhhh....

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