Thursday, March 29, 2012

my new london gentleman

adopted a one year old kittercat from the pinellas humane society, pre-named 'Maverick' (which takes me back to watching the 2008 debates with friends and laughing our asses off while taking a drink every time the repubs would utter 'maverick'.. anyways..) got used to our apartment really fast, not even an hour later he was all sprawled out and comfy. apparently he was found by a good Samaritan in downtown Dunedin, had a bite wound and abscess on his cheek that got fixed up, went into the shelter two weeks ago, gave him all his shots and is 'dejunked' - $25 dollar adoption fee, and they gave us a bag of food and treats. only downside: the decent deposit fee i'll be paying to the landlady. already had bought all his goodies before the adoption, he's had some catnip :) think he's going to be catching up on a lot of sleep (doesn't have to share a space with five other cats anymore! not to mention the ladycat who swiped him right in front of me. gave her a very stern scolding.)
(had fun saturating the photo, makes his lil nose all vibrant!)

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