Monday, March 19, 2012

philistines.... *shake fist*

my writer mentor: well, maybe you're destined for bigger things? I mean, I felt like you 20 years ago and my new job (which is leading to some really cool things) is proof that I was right. The other people were philistines.

Honestly. I am NOT dealing with peoples crap anymore. stay away from me and your asinine bullshittery. SHAPE up as an individual and do EQUAL the work of your fellow brother and sister. Stop taking advantage of people who are nice, they DEAL with your bullshit and don't say half of what they really want to say to you because you're so JADED. and dudes, us women DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR MOTHERS.

Considering my own place soon so I can focus on what I really need to do, for myself. End of story.

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