Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gargle, then rinse.

Apparently this recovery process is longer than anticipated... because of it, I'm uncertain as to what is going to happen with the job acquired two weeks ago... the owner didn't schedule me this next week (which is wise, while my spunky attitude had me thinkin' I could get back in at the latter half of the week, it's still very sore and difficult to walk on; still numb in many major areas.) now the owner is worried about it... so whether this job will still be an option at the end of the week, would be nice to know, but I can't worry about it right now... can't push this. I've never had surgery before, and of this caliber. Last thing I need to do is push myself too hard and screw something up again and pay MORE money into the failed system (which, oh hey, another surprise bill came recently from a visit that was only supposed to have a $20 co-pay. Figures. HELLO, I HAVE NO MONEY, WORLD.)
Did find online what could be the perfect office assistant job... really tailored my cover letter and resume (and finally set up my new cellphone numbers voicemail box with my generic professional message!)
GETTING ANTSY. Just wish I could get out there already. Bedridden blasphemy is for the birds. Also am dying to go protest, but I need to think jobs. I need to prove to others that IT'S POSSIBLE TO FIND THEM IF YOU TRY HARD ENOUGH! Keyword(s): Trying hard.

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