Monday, October 10, 2011

barely week two and still numb.

Been supremely bummed out as of recently: a mixture of the leg still being a giant pain in my ass (the six inch incision elicits lightning bolt sharp pains inside, but is still essentially completely numb on the outside) the small amount of pain meds ran out a while ago (and they were taken the hours apart prescribed) ibuprofen doesn't do much of a damn good, still being propped, areas around stitches itch like a bitch, (and while I succumbed to the skin around one of the two sets of stitches last night, scolded myself into stopping) can't still bend my knee very well, and still proves difficult to put on underwear and pants.
Nevertheless, the cabin fever has been HORRIBLE almost the entire time, and because of it I've been rather delirious. I did start walking the dog a few days back to finally get out of the house and scoured the beach on Saturday (all the walking up and down, seashell scavenging and intense high noon sunshine had me sleeping in bed completely sore a few hours later) and have finally begun to try to just continue the job search now as of today (no matter how sore it is still) -- I set out 8:30 this morning, walking a mile and a 1/2, catching the bus, job shadowing at a prospect I'm actually going to pass on (dude wants me to bend over backwards for him cashiering, cooking, delivering, catering, MARKETING his business, and building him a website for a mere $7 something an hour? dear lord have I worked enough slave wage jobs to notice a SUPERSLAVE position.) so, returning from five hours of pointlessness - and having walked about three miles had me physically kaput,
BUT, I still saddled up and called a bunch of places, cruised the craigslist ads per usual sending more resumes, and thus continues the search I am NOT allowing myself to slack upon.
Tomorrow I'm going to go pick up the check from Wildflower, ask about small gigs there (might need an occasional front ender but not even part-time status) walk from there to my hopefully last ortho appointment (taking out hardcore stitches while the other set is supposed to dissolve) trudge some more, trudge out the next day for an interview at a call center (down here they start around $10 an hour, may as well do something I know how to be persuasive with)
UNTIL I CAN: Go to massage therapy school, which is a path I've officially decided on taking. A neighbor my mom has met was a massage therapy teacher, owns his own place, and knows exactly where I should go to learn. He told my mom that I could call him for advice or help anytime I needed to. Massage therapy has constantly been entertained in my head as far back as college --- and after all this physical wear and tear I've personally been through, firstly, I'd love to learn about all the muscles, different parts of the body, and whats best for them, and at the same time, be able to help others.

a beloved lady that is missed a lot sent me a message a while back telling me she wrote a song about me, upon re-reading it, asked her to put it online and send it to me, so this is it and i can't stop listening... cheered me up so much:

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