Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cosmopolitan dreamin'

Woke up this morning from the best trip! Yes, I traveled to France in my dream last night. First night there, I stayed in a 'haunted' hotel with a bunch of odd paintings, which I was taking photos of - and after I took a photo of one with a dragon, I went to scroll back to see the others to find out the dragon had cursed my camera and deleted them all, except for that one photo: the eyes of the dragon were freaky as shit.
Moved along to another town - found a room in an old castle/cathedral type deal... that had a giant field surrounded by living quarters and such... the moment I decided to go frolicking in the field in a dress, a bunch of french lads (who presumably had just been peering out their windows onto the field) were after me... alarmed, I started running back to my quarters... when one of them, quite dapper, sort of 'claimed me' and the others seemed to disappear immediately. We laid on the field and um... well, let's just say it was a WONDERFUL way to wake up.

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