Monday, October 31, 2011


After the copious amount of sleep obtained through going to bed super early last night, I am very thrilled to say, my leg officially feels well enough to get back to work!!! I called a bunch of restaurants I had previously applied to today... it's either:
a. I get one of those waitressing gigs mentioned
b. macys call center interview wednesday
c. find a smaller business venture in Dunedin to work for (all the restaurants in category A are bigger chains, and I'm really anti-corporate and would rather work for someone who needs the help)

My friend from college, Jessica, lives a town OVER from me... we finally hung out last week and have already gotten together a couple times. It has made me feel exponentially better about everything... so great to have a close friend. She really wants to help me get me back on my feet, has been scouting out cheap rents around Dunedin - meeting her boyfriend and roommate was pretty awesome, they all want to open a pizza/pastry shop (because those two things in Florida are MUY TERRIBLE, or non-existent) so I naturally, offered my waitressing expertise.

Going through constant realizations lately... one being, I truly enjoyed waitressing and serving... was just unfortunate to be suffering from leg pain and exhaustion. Now I'm ready and rearing to go - it's time to rev my 'Hot Wheels' engine (spent all day yesterday reminiscing 2004 - which was Patrice, me, my car, and the three neighboring states as our playground, all of our debauchery and diabolically fantastic adventures.)

I think it's impossible for me to figure out a career. I just like stumbling onto things as I go. Is that really so bad?

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