Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Fermented --- I mean, Friday!

Who doesn't love some YES?

Got a set schedule for the new job - and get Sunday and Mondays off (the new weekend.) However, still going to my interview at the media production company today... so we'll see if that's more appealing. Even if they don't end up hiring me, maybe I can convince them to let me brush up on my radio and video equipment user knowledge whenever there's free time. Speaking of hobbies, I need to convince my mother to find an art store around here, unless one can be found somewhere on my bus journeys. Starting to kick myself for a bit for having given away so many things of use; gave away my entire box of art supplies I had accumulated over the course of six years. Hopefully it's getting some use, that's all one can hope.

Contemplating saving up and going out West for a while, maybe Arizona... methinks my Georgia O'Keeffe complex is kicking in. Have a bit of a new acquaintance who is out there (friend of a good friend from college; they grew up together) so a) wouldn't be alone, b) could be some good company to him, he just moved out there by his lonesome... and while this whole lonesome thing isn't terrible (actually and honestly, I love it) it would be nice to have a likeminded individual around. He's super artsy Picasso/Dali awesome, and I'm sure we could make some interesting pieces.

yay fun old picture from 2006!


gummy bear chandelier 

and yet another crazy gummy light fixture.

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