Wednesday, November 9, 2011

baracky the puppet

or insomnia will reign supreme and i'll watch things that re-remind me of how fucked up everything is.

MH: what are you up to?
KD: freaking out at the global state of affairs, you know
MH: I hear ya, I have my moments too
KD: ugh. what do we do.
MH: No one knows. Things have snowballed out of control, I honestly haven't the slightest.
KD: i wish i could get a huge following overnight so i could tour the country and talk to audiences and tell them to wake the hell up. and id probably be assassinated but thats the price im willing to pay.
MH: No one wants to hear it. no one wants to hear anything these days. foot in mouth and head up asshole.
KD: yeah, the corporate subliminal messaging is being proven quite effective. not on me thank god.
MH: good.

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