Friday, November 4, 2011

bus talk

two days ago after a call center interview (for macys...) I was on quite the loaded bus sitting in the back with a few blue collar guys, who were nodding off (after apparently having worked since 5am.) people up north can make fun of some folks down here all they want, but manual labor looks/sounds like a bitch, and someone's gotta do it, right?
so anyways, one of them wakes up and starts talking to me, asking me why I'm dressed up.
me: "I just went to a job interview."
him: "did you get it?"
me: "don't know yet. it's at a call center though, and would entail two 12 hour days and two 8 hour days a week."
him: "oh wow. that doesn't sound like fun. you don't belong there. you should just get your boyfriend to---"
me: "I don't have one."
seemed a bit surprised, the sleep won him over again, and then when he got off the bus, said, "well, I hope everything works out for you, ma'am."

going for another interview today. 'woop woop.'

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