Friday, November 25, 2011

perfect life.

sorry about the long hiatus.

i am:

officially out of my mothers place,
living in a small greek sponge diving town with my quote unquote new boyfriend who is taking super good care of me... he is from georgia, has toured with neutral milk hotel and recorded julian kosters side project (but julian apparently owes him 400 bucks for it. and informed me that he's totally gay... how I slept in the same place as him and had breakfast with him, and strangely enough couldn't even guess it. the tight sweater may have been a hint.)
working at my cafe in clearwater with my amazing new family, chris drives me there and i take an hour long bus ride back.
my thanksgiving consisted of cuddling to betty boop cartoons, walking to the sponge docks, and basically loving the shit out of my life right now. everything is going perfectly finally and i thank my lucky stars. (and mars.)

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