Thursday, November 10, 2011


While most who know me knows damn well what happened already, I still get questioned by others constantly. here is the quickest, longest answer I've been able to pull out of my buttcrack:

I had a bad leg injury two years ago... was 'carrying a box'* as heavy as i almost, lost balance, landed onto the cement under my right knee (with the extra weight) ... thought it was just bruised but it stayed bruised and sore for weeks... pain kept advancing throughout the months and i went to the hospital twice (first alone, they didnt take me seriously, second with a co-worker helping me voice what was wrong, still didnt get taken seriously).. was living on my own and supporting myself but was doing hardcore food service jobs and it was killing me... was trying to troop it out but i'd get let go of each place after about 5 months or so... basically the owners would let me go because they could see something was wrong and would express that i shouldnt be doing such jobs in such condition but I had no choice. the pain was driving me to drink like a fish to cope and I basically was a very easily irritable, depressed, hurt person. when I eventually got let go of the last place I worked for up north, my mom finally heard my plea of 'I can't go on' --- so moving down here, I finally got the help I needed... she helped me figure it out, was helping me be persistent with these shitheads of doctors who try to give you a run around and no answer (but still expecting a bill... like the first ortho who said i didnt need surgery after I got the MRI clearly indicating I had three ganglion cysts deep in the back of my right leg which at the two year point last september, i was experiencing #10 pain [on the scale of 1-10] and crying in agony most of the time... second one exclaimed 'the first one told you you didnt need it? really?' and was the one who conducted the surgery....... anyways... thats what happened. first job involving working hard and being on my feet for 12 hours = a lot for the newly healed leg to take... but I think it's holding up.

Ah, glad I won't be explaining that anymore. whoever asks gets redirected here.

*only people who know me will understand why this is asterik'd.

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