Thursday, November 17, 2011

yippie skippie

got to enjoy the late eve before a day off with a new friend from france named steven, we escapaded in his jeep wrangler last night and went to his awesome pad on the private part of clearwater beach, hung out on his balcony having brilliant conversation while enjoying the tantalizing view of the ocean, waves crashing, lightning out in the distance. it was remarkable. he said he was quite on his own, needing a friend, and I concurred needing the same, and so we just chitchatted away. was supposed to hang out with a new friend from st. pete but rescheduled, just really needed a somewhat calm evening after tripping/falling at work yesterday (kitchen was overloaded with boxes for the jazz fest our owner is running/catering) and getting bit by a spider. I have plenty of time to hang out with all my new buddies... and I'm so excited to do so!

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