Sunday, November 13, 2011


SAW STYX PLAY AT AN OUTDOOR FEST! OH MY GOD WHAT A SHOW. got to get up front, up close and personal & jammed with some awesome people. they (the band) were all so studly, and i swear that tommy shaw and i shared a moment! confetti rained down during 'rockin' the paradise' (one of the two encores, the other being renegade) also played lady, too much time on my hands, come sail away... and this one, which I've decided to dedicate to myself.

also while sitting on the ledge of the bay, two dolphins were twirling around underneath me... no one else was around except another guy who witnessed it, and said 'i think they want to make you their queen.' DOLPHIN QUEEN!

so going to buy tix for the CHEAP TRICK NEW YEARS EVE PERFORMANCE!

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