Sunday, April 8, 2012

is a serious valid art medium!

thanks to cat, i'm awake on easter morning at 7am (was awoken before 5am) sitting at the kitchen table with cat sitting in the pane of the window in which a very blustery wind is slowly trickling in. have my oversized grandma cardigan on, guess kitty thought i'd like this. a new cool spring morning was definitely long overdue. so, while I know some are more serious about it than not, enjoy the day... however it's meant to progress, whether you decide to eat a dinner with family that's meant to symbolize something, or you stay at home recuperating (physical exhaustion, or for others, hangovers) or... your head hurts so much that you just want to sit by a cool window, sip some coffee, and have some peaceful alonetime. nope, just had to stop the cat from eating a rubber band. ayeayeaye....

"the artist is free to explore the purity of the field medium down to each and every SINGLE FRAME! the animated odds are----"


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