Sunday, April 15, 2012

massive dump... of photos

started on a doodle, inspiration from Beth Maciorowski.

random photos from recent:
 loco gatito

the beginnings of my humble quest

laura palmer -- i mean, the little mermaid, washed up onto Clearwater beach at approx. 5:27pm. cause of death unknown; could be Scientology linked.
 if you look closely, you can see michael jackson beating it.

was given a two for one deal after beach shennanigans!

while that was documented by chris, i had done my own documentation of a small portion of downtown tampa the week prior....

trippy ski[pp]ies

a canine headmaster-ran institution (actually art building of univ. of tampa)
 hip to be square

this area is under constant _____ ?!??

jfk, frozen in carbonite.

while his thoughts billow and bloom above

thee concrete jungle.

in all its... staggering 'opulence?'

it truly is a cock and balls industry.

... that can afford fun spirally things to reflect upon.

 at different angles.

which reflects upon ITself!

at least there were birds in the trees...

earlier this evening: went on a sunday solo excursion to the sponge docks just to take some random odds & ends i hadn't already documented yet ...

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