Sunday, April 22, 2012

the jon stewart live experience

jon stewart was fun. being in a packed auditorium was intense (for me, too many people in too confined a'space) drinking a glass of merlot during was nice (except when trying to get through to my seat i accidentally spilled a drop on the lady sitting next to me's pants and she literally had to make me feel like the worst person in the world, but we gave her a napkin and my mom made me feel better... by saying, 'she's here alone.' also, had binoculars.) i fared with my crap vision pretty well, the bitchy lady in front of me heckled me for 'heckling' which pretty much any dude that did it was fine (and generally heard by stewart) but really, why do girls heckle girls who are just having fun?! bitchez be trippin'. I DID yell 'war on potatoes!' later, while he was talking about the war on everything. at one point my mom yelled something and I think it registered with stewart's ears, she was rebelling against floridians. and I think she was a 'thank god' to him for disagreeing with them. seriously though, people down here are pretty whack.

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