Monday, April 9, 2012

stop-motion is taking over my life

saw Otesanek a while back in Southwick with my stepsister and friend Robyn, thought it was disturbingly hilarious... so now I'm going to watch every possible thing by this director, starting with Neco z Alenky... I think I've found another artist who has played a giant role in the sculpting my dreams. I mean, how could it have taken me this long to re-stumble upon him and come to the ecstatic realization that he is responsible for inspiring my favorite crockpot animations ala Terry Gilliam? So, if there were no Jan Švankmajer, there could have been (no/less of) Mr. Gilliam.

also, on a similar note, Chris and I started watching this last night, and will hopefully be finishing it when he gets home from work, which is hopefully soon... I mean seriously, in INCREDIBLE DYNARAMA!

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